Day 1: BELIEF [100 Leads in 5 Days]

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Today’s podcast episode is a bit different in that what you’re going to be hearing today is the audio from the first day of the 100 Leads in 5 Days Training Series.  After listening to this, if you want to get the actual videos delivered to you inbox, get yourself registered for the event. And you can find the link for the Training Series here.

Now today, in training video #1, we’re talking all things belief.  I’d argue that if you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced doubt in your business. 

Is the kind of success I really truly want possible for me?
Can I really turn things around? 
Am I so far down the rabbit hole that I can’t be helped?

So if that’s where you are, if you’re truly doubting yourself and your abilities and if this whole crazy “online business thing” is really your thing, you’re going to want to take a couple of minutes out of your day today and listen. 

The goal of this week’s Training Series is to get you 100 leads in 5 days.  Sounds amazing right? And I’d be willing to be that some of you think that this sounds like a great accomplishment, but that’s not possible for you.

In fact, you might coming into this Training Series with doubt, and if that’s you, it’s totally ok, we’ve all had our doubts.

But here’s the deal, that kind of success IS possible for you, right now, just as you are.  No matter what has happened in the past, what others are telling you, or most importantly what you are telling yourself.  You CAN have success and you CAN have it now. There’s no point in waiting around for it, what creates success (and those big results that you want) is you deciding to be successful and then acting accordingly.  

There is no quick fix, or perfect mentor, or magic potion that gives you the results you want.  What there is, is belief in yourself.

The most successful entrepreneurs, you know the ones who you follow obsessively online, who make everything looks so incredibly easy have been right where you are right now.  Everyone starts at 0. So what’s the difference? 

  1. Successful entrepreneurs are OB-SESSED with the work they do and the impact they make on others.

  2. And successful entrepreneurs are too stubborn to accept anything less than stellar.  

If this is going to happen for you this week, which it totally can, it’s time to eliminate:

Victim mindset
Past history or failures
What crappy comments your mom or friend or spouse (or whoever!) might have said
Circumstantial excuses

Results can happen with some strategy in place, yes, but really those results are created when you make a change internally.

Success is a choice.  And that success starts with YOU.

Everyday this week I’m going to have an action item for you, so here is today’s:

Today is a new day and a new page, YOU determine what happens today.  You can either CHOOSE success, or you can CHOOSE the same old thing.  

Clearly, because you are here, because you are reading this, you are going to CHOOSE success.

The first step in doing this is telling yourself that you choose success.  So today you are going to develop a mantra that revolves around this idea of CHOOSING success.

Yours could be: 

“I am successful NOW, just as I am.”
Or, “Today I choose faith over fear.”
Or, “I have everything I need for success around me and I choose success.”
Or, “I am powerful, strong, and resilient.”

Whatever it is, if you can’t come up with one borrow one of the ones I just told you, and write yourself up a mantra and put it somewhere where you are going to see it today.  On your computer, your phone’s lock screen, your bathroom mirror, your Peloton, wherever it is it needs to be in a public space.  

And every time you see it today you are going to stop, take a deep breath and then you are going to say it out loud.  And yep, you might feel like a weirdo, but you have to reprogram your mind to know that success is possible for you. And part of that is hearing yourself say these truths out loud and seeing them in writing.  Seeing your mantra and then hearing yourself say it out loud starts to actually reprogram your brain and the dialogue that goes on in your mind.  

After you’ve written this today and you’ve done your homework, head over to our Facebook Group, use #100leads so your post becomes searchable, and share with us what your mantra is and where it is!  


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