The Ultimate Facebook Live Checklist

Over the past year I've been able to scale and grow my business strategically through Facebook Live.  I've tested and tried out new formats, I've pitched and I haven't pitched, and I've leveraged Facebook's algorithm to really get the most out of a single Facebook Live broadcast.  Over the last month I've been able to enroll over 250 new women into my Facebook group and make $1,000 in 4 hours through a single Facebook Live broadcast.  Want in on my secrets?  Click the button the right and snag The Ultimate Facebook Live Checklist!  This is a checklist of the items you should be doing before, during, and after a Facebook Live broadcast to create an engagement firestorm that result in sales.


As moms, we are unique individuals.  We are everything to everyone.  We are chefs, chauffeurs, therapists, nurses, late-night study buddies, role models, CEOs, and teachers.  And let's be honest, the list could go on and on!  Being everything to everyone can be draining.  In fact, I used to feel this way, constantly.  I had an "A-HA" moment one day when my husband actually TOLD ME how miserable I was.  I didn't realize that my anxiety and stress was having such a profound effect on my personal and professional life.  In that moment I realized why everything I touched seem to turn to mud.

It was simple, my business and my personal life were failing.

This moment forced me to re-think how I was running my business and how incredibly stressed I was.  My business was having a negative effect on my family life.  I was caught in a vicious cycle.  I forced myself to get crystal clear on my daily tasks and what was really worth my time.  I simplified, refined, and streamlined systems.  And then the clients came, along with the income that I desired.

As a certified personal trainer and a former-college art professor I use my passions and professional experiences to serve my clients to help them live more simple, purposeful, and passionate lives.  At the root of my business is self-care.  In fact, what is at the root of everyone's business should be self-care.  If you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to fully give to anyone (or anything) else.  I love helping women live a life by design.  I now truly feel in alignment with what I'm supposed to be doing in life.  I work with amazing clients who are motivated, inspiring, and living life on their own terms.