Episode #121: Doing whatever it takes with Hilary Hendershott

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Hilary Hendershott is the founder of Hendershott Wealth Management, a leading financial advisory firm for women. With 19 years of experience as a fee-only fiduciary financial advisor and stock market expert, Hilary’s mission is to empower women to take control of their finances and make their money work for them.

Hilary has helped women across the U.S. preserve and grow their wealth, while reducing—or even eliminating—financial stress. She leverages her education, personal experiences, relationships, and “got your back” know-how to grow her client’s financial wealth and champion their financial freedom.


  • Something that makes Hilary unique is that she is willing to go to the mat for her clients and potential clients.  She’s ruthless in helping her clients achieve financial freedom.

  • Hillary’s team is entirely women run and she didn’t set out to do that!  But when she joined her first all female mastermind she saw the true value in coming together with women who are rallied around the same mission.

  • For Hillary, stepping into the role of an expert was a huge pain point.  When she niched down and realized what her skill set was in working with clients that’s when she started to experience momentum in her business.


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