Episode #122: Heart-centered automation with Alicia Jonas

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Alicia is a dance studio owner and marketing strategist for studio owners who want to create thriving, heart-centered businesses doing work they love while building a life that is beyond their wildest dreams.

Quick takeaways:

  • Alicia wanted to get out of her business so she could actually work her business, instead of worrying about if things are getting done in the background.  She was getting so bogged down with small details that she couldn’t look at her business from a “big picture” lens. This desire facilitated her interest in automation.

  • Alicia owns a brick and mortar children’s dance and music studio in St. Louis, while also running an online marketing company helping other studio owners systematize and automate their brick and mortars.

  • Her secret sauce to creating a 6-figure business is let go, hire a team, and spend less time in your business. This shift can and will make a bigger impact because you’re not tied to the nitty gritty details, instead you can step into the role of a CEO who has a team to implement.

  • Automation was found out of necessity for Alicia.  She has 2 businesses, 3 kids, a spouse, and wants to actually LIVE her life!  If she didn’t automate she would miss out on so much fo her kids’ lives and that’s doesn’t fulfill her.  Because of automation Alicia now runs her business with high standards, in a way that works for her, and because of that, grows exponentially month after month.


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