Episode #117: The power of saying "NO"

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Do you have a hard time saying “NO”?  

If you do, I want you to know that I do too!  As an ennegram 9w8 I’m a people pleaser, but I immediately regret and resent you (the person I pleased) for me saying yes to you.  

Totally rational and fair, right?! *insert eye roll*

But in our businesses, and our personal lives for that matter, saying “NO” has to be done.  By saying “YES” all the time to everything and everyone it’s a drain. And if you’re showing up to serve your clients or even your family, drained, I’d argue you’re doing them a HUGE disservice and those two groups of people deserve your best.

By saying “NO” to things that don’t 100% serve you, you are saying “YES” to your goals, your future, and your expertise.  

I view it as a revenue-producing activity!

In today’s episode I’m going to walk you through the questions you need to be asking yourself when considering what to say “YES” to and what to say “NO” to in your business.  

Y’all there is POWER in saying the word “NO”!  


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