Episode #116: Passion is everything with Lindsey Nadler

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Lindsey Nadler is an empowerment coach that helps women live fully connected their passion so they can walk out their calling with confidence. She is the host of The Passionista Podcast and leader of The Passionista Community which is dedicated to empowering women to turn their God-given dreams into a reality.

Lindsey grew up in an entrepreneurial family and one of their core values was hard work.  Her work ethic lead her to coaching girls to play softball, going to college and becoming a police officer, retiring from her role as a police officer by tripling her income through a direct sales company, starting a nonprofit to help women who have experienced sex trafficking, to what she does now.  Through a personal development journey Lindsey has become a powerhouse in the empowerment field and teaches women to really lean into their leadership skills as a valuable asset to their business, as well as families.

Confidence is a pillar in Lindsey’s business.  Her tagline of “Passion is everything” means that you have a passion and a fire lit within you for every single thing you do.  And to her, this isn’t a hyper confidence that is loud, masculine, or even forced. Instead it’s a sustained, long-term confidence, that creates a feeling of calmness, because she has nothing to prove to anyone.  Calmness and confidence is brining the best energy you have that day, to the table.


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