Episode #72: When negativity strikes with Jenna Carelli

Hey Mama!  And welcome to episode #72 of the Life by Design Podcast with Allison Hardy!

Today I get to introduce you to Jenna Carelli, International Best Selling Author and owner of J. Carelli Consulting, LLC.  

Jenna kicked off her entrepreneurial journey as a wellness advocate in partnership with local gyms, running communities, corporations, community groups, and elementary schools. She hosted live seminars. It was this business that brought her home from her underpaid, undervalued corporate job. Jenna now focuses her time and energy on business consulting and owns her own direct marketing agency. Her company teaches the fundamentals of direct response marketing and takes entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their online or offline business to the next level.


  • When people give you backlash about a choice you are making that might be “outside of the box”, it’s usually because they’ve experienced failure in some way in that area.  Generally their backlash isn’t about you, it’s truly all about them.

  • By letting a negative experience infect everything you do, including how you run your business, you’re making it all about you.  When our businesses are really, all about the client. In order to serve the best, you have to step out of yourself and serve despite any insecurities you have.

  • Our kids can shape and change how we view the world, especially how we set priorities.

  • Mindset work can help you to do the work from within, so that when you can’t escape negative experiences or people, you will have the tools and skills to repel the situation and not let it seep into your thoughts and actions.


  • “To have it all means everything else needs to be absent.”

  • “Boundaries are necessary in our business in order for it to succeed.”

  • “Being just a mom is its own entrepreneurial journey in of itself.”

  • “She (my daughter) taught me that true alignment comes from within.”


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