Episode #128: Self-care isn't selfish with Jody Agard

Jody is a busy mom of two boys, a wife, and a nature lover. She’s a two-time Amazon bestselling author, and her most recent book is “Mommy Reboot; A Busy Mom’s Guide to Self-Care”.

Jody is a self-care coach working exclusively with busy moms who want to feel less overwhelmed and more fulfilled and she’s known in her industry for transforming the lives of moms through the art of self-care.

Jody’s vision is for a world where women around the globe are caring for and nurturing themselves as easily as they do for their children and families.

She believes that “self-care can no longer be a cutesy catchphrase, it must be...a movement…a revolution, and a new way of living for the modern day woman.”


  • Jody shares with us that you should not in fact do #allthethings, she suggests automating what you can in your business, so that you can focus on money-generating activities and have time for the other pieces of your life.

  • Her main mission is to teach moms that it isn’t selfish to put yourself first, and it actually makes you a better mom, business owner, and person overall. Plus self-care doesn’t have to be hard, Jody shares how to weave it into your everyday life.

  • One amazing thing Jody shared is how modeling the example of self-care for your kids can make a huge impact on them picking up the same habit in their lives.


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