Episode #112: How to create a consistent, scalable business

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Oftentimes, my clients come to me with the same problem: they are stuck in a vicious cycle of feast or famine months.

Those feast months are great, $30,000 launches are amazing, but if the next month is followed by a famine month, like a $1K month, it’s going to make that feast month feel not so successful.  And so often my clients are in a lack mindset. Meaning, they are constantly worrying about where their next dollar is going to come from. Or their next client. Or if this launch was a fluke.  And usually they are pretty burnt out. They have an amazing business that helps their clients in such amazing ways, but it’s draining them.

Inconsistency can look different for everyone but this is the inconsistency that I’m talking specifically about in this episode:

  • Inconsistent clients which leads to inconsistent income

  • Inconsistent social media which leads to inconsistent visibility

1. Hop on board the automation train.

If you don’t have things automated in your business, you’re leaving money on the table. You should not be depending on live launches or live ways of working with your clients to put food on the table.  What if you get sick? Or have a baby? Or you have to fly across the country to be with your best friend in her time of crisis. Your business should not tank during this time, if anything this is the time when your business needs to flourish, without you.  Because life happens.

The first thing you should automate, is a way for your to make money!  Every single one of us who has an online business should have a highly converting email funnel that make sales on automate.  

So this is a potential breakdown of how this could work:

You know you can pour $500 into a highly converting Facebook Ad, and you’ll get 100 people into your funnel. In return, 4 sales for your $500 product, which produces $2,000 in sales.  

You need to know those numbers and you need to know what works.  This is how you are going to create consistent, dependable income, that is totally scalable.

2.  Ignore all the pretty things

Downloading all the freebies, attending all the free, live webinars, snagging a free email funnel templates, it’s good to be getting some different perspectives on your business, but really, at the end of the day, you need to put the blinders on and stick with what you have.

That free stuff will only get you so far.  Freebies are amazing in that they can open your eyes to new ideas, but they should also be consumed with caution.  The individual who created those freebies doesn’t know you, your business, or what your goals are. Whatever it is that he/she is teaching you, I’m sure it’s benefitted many people, but it’s not necessarily what you need.  Be careful of becoming a freebie chaser. Oftentimes it just leads you to more confusion, more “bright shiny object syndrome”, and then you’re back at square one.

This is specifically why you should be working with a coach most of the time.  Your coach is invested in YOU,  he/she knows YOU, where you’re at, what your goals are, and wants what’s best for you.  Because you’re paying for this individual’s expertise you’re getting amazing advice custom-tailored to you and your unique business, while being held accountable through that financial exchange.  

And if you’re still looking for a coach to help you create a 6-figure business in 2019, no matter how far you may be or feel from that goal, I am accepting two more women into the Legacy Mastermind.  Feel free to book a call to chat with my team about what this program can and will do for you, and to figure out if it’s the right fit for you. You can access our scheduler by clicking here.

But truly, before you add something else to your very long list of “to do’s” be smart about your decision and remove the emotion from it.  Do you excel at everything else in your business? Would you consider yourself close to mastering your craft? Do you want to do this for the long haul?  

If the answer is YES, then move onto the market research and the actual implementation of this new thing.  

3.  Get used to selling daily

Every single day, you should sell something, somewhere.  This doesn’t have to be a financial transaction, but should be something that can eventually be a money-generating activity.  Promoting a freebie, setting up a Facebook Ad, offering someone a spot in your upcoming webinar, pitching sales calls for your mastermind, offering up a $27 tripwire.  

These thing serve your audience in big ways, so why wouldn’t you tell them how they could get more value and/or support from you?!

You have to get over the fear around selling.  Your business is here to make money, and part of that is selling every single day.  You have no problem Instagramming your trip to Target, or talking about your amazing new Chuck Taylor’s, or your delicious Starbucks beverage, and those brands aren’t even paying you!   Selling your products, services, freebies, actually moves you forward, in ways that actually produce you income. So what’s the big deal in selling something every single day?!

Give yourself a challenge, for one week, Monday - Friday, sell something every single day, and let me know what happens.  Send me a DM on Instagram or a Facebook message and tell me all about it. I bet you’ll see some really unexpected momentum.

Now if you want more of these action items, I actually have a free download that you can snag called 10 Ways to Create a Consistent Business.  This is a list of 10 things that you absolutely need to have implemented in some form or another in your business so that you can walk away from those feast or famine months and walk towards a business that is predictable, profitable, and most importantly, scalable.  You can download it by clicking here.


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