Boundaries that you need to establish to scale to 6-figures

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Boundaries are essential when you’re scaling your business.

When I first start working with clients to help them create their first 6-figure year, one of the first things we do is sit down and look at their daily schedule.  This tells both of us VOLUMES!

Oftentimes clients come to me and they are working after their kids go down at night, answering Voxer messages at all times of the day, posting and creating content at all hours of the day without a set schedule.  

And if this is where you are, let’s think about this for a minute. The people who have achieved the goals that you want to achieve, the top entrepreneurs who you deeply admire, how are they running their business? Are they hot mess expresses?  Or do they take care of themselves? Do they know they are their best asset in their business? Without a leader who is performing at their best, their businesses wouldn’t have accomplished what they’ve accomplished.

So what do they have?  Boundaries. Boundaries on how they act, how they show up, how they work.  And so if you have goals of 6-figures this year, you need BOUNDARIES.

A little story for you from my business:

As I’ve started to work with my Legacy Mastermind ladies I’ve realized more and more just how incredibly ideal they are.  And how much they trust me. And how much they are invested in the program, not just financial investment, but emotional investments.

Truly, it’s an honor and a privilege to serve these amazing clients of mine.

But with that, I started to feel some fear crop up and I started transitioning into lack mindset.  For some reason, despite helping multiple women create 6-figure businesses and doing it for myself, I started to question my abilities.  

So in order to compensate for these feelings, I started over-delivering.  I was answering Voxer messages at all hours of the day.  I would let it distract me from doing work that I needed to get done.  My productivity and focus started to tank, which is so unlike me! And I started to feel a lot of anxiety around my work with them.

And if there’s one thing they deserve as my clients, it’s me, as the best version of myself.  These lack of boundaries I was perpetuating, didn’t serve them at all. And it didn’t serve me.

I let myself slip for a couple of days, and for those couple of days nothing got done in my business.  No new leads, no new email subscribers, no growth whatsoever. And so when I saw that start to happen I knew that I was the reason why.  Every single time that my business comes to a standstill it’s not because my strategy is off, it’s because I’m not nourishing the best asset in my business, myself.  

If you’re feeling like your boundaries might be off, or that you’re starting to go into a lack mindset, or that you’re just not growing in a way that serves you, your business, and your goals, consider taking some action.  You need to take this action quick! There’s no point in waiting around for next week, or month, or year to do something about it. You’re going to continue to slip further and further down the rabbit hole if you don’t do something about it NOW.

Try these action-items to get yourself out of your funk and to establish beautiful, heart-centered boundaries that serve you and your clients in a bigger, more aligned way:

  1. Establish work hours and rules around those work hours. Be specific in when you work, what you do during that time, and how you show up. No exceptions. Make sure your clients, your family, and most importantly YOU stick to this schedule.

  2. Fill your head with good stuff. Listen to or read personal development everyday. No exceptions. Personal development should be something you NEED daily, like water and food. It’s that vital to your success.

  3. Follow people who are more successful than you.  If you want to start to accomplish big goals, you have to start somewhere. How does that ridiculously successful entrepreneur run their day? How is that different from yours? Now start to take small baby steps in that direction.

  4. Lean into your coach, your mastermind, or your biz bestie.  You have to have people who understand what you are doing.  Have conversations with people who understand what you’re doing, but most importantly where you’re going. As supportive as your spouse, your mom, your sister, or your best friend may be, unless they have an online business, their opinion has no place in your business whatsoever.

Boundaries can and will serve you and your clients in bigger ways, because they allow you to show up as the best version of yourself, and that’s what your clients deserve!

Two ways I can help you to scale your amazing online business:

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  2. If you’re tired of playing the “guessing game” with your marketing, done with having lack luster launches, want to lean into passive income and automation but have NO IDEA where to even start, then I want to invite you to book a call to learn more about the Legacy Mastermind. This is my high-end, high-touch, 12 month mastermind designed to help you create your first 6-figure year. To book a chat with one of my team members click here.

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