Episode #75: What we need to know about GDPR with Christy Westerfeld

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Hey Mama!  Welcome to episode #75 of the Life by Design Podcast with Allison Hardy!

Today I’m interviewing attorney and legal resource for online entrepreneurs and coaches, Christy Westerfeld.  She helps savvy, badass business women cut through the confusion and overwhelm of legal, and create an easy and affordable plan of action to legally protect their websites and businesses. Christy provides legal training, templates drafted specifically for online coaches, and is the host of “The Legal Lounge,” a weekly legal Q & A show. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Christy chasing after her 10 month old son, binge-watching “Suits,” or online shopping.

In today’s episode Christy gives us an overview of what the new GDPR regulations are, and how they apply to us, as online entrepreneurs.  These new regulations have some pretty serious implications for our online businesses, especially when it comes to email marketing, so you need to be implementing these new regulations SOON.


  • GDPR implementation starts on May 25, so make sure everything is deleted/moved by May 24.

  • GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation

  • GDPR is concerned with data protection (personally identifiable information), for a lot of us online entrepreneurs name and email address are most relevant.

  • We have to get our email subscribers specific consent anytime we use their information.

  • Step one: audit your business and write down all the ways you use anyone’s personal information from other people

  • You need a GDPR compliant Privacy Policy that discloses all of the ways you collect, store, and use someone’s data and that not only needs to be included in the footer of your website, but also on any opt-in forms you might have.

  • The regulations retroactively apply to your current email list.

  • Specific consent has to be given once someone downloads our freebie in order to enter them into sales funnels and send them marketing material.

  • These regulations apply to only clients and email subscribers in the European Union.


  • “You have the choice to do what you want, when you want it.”
  • “Any time we use someone’s personal information, we have to have a legal basis for using it.”
  • “All of our open rates are going to be so high after this because everyone on our (email) list is going to want to be there.”
  • “Moving forward, we have to get specific consent to receive other emails from us when downloading our freebie.”
  • “Being added to your mailing list can’t be a requirement if they want to receive the freebie.”
  • “The main thing (with these new regulations) is that you have to get their consent to be added to your email list.”


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