Episode #76: Foods for performance with Pearle Nerenberg

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Hey Mama!  And welcome to episode #76 of the Life by Design Podcast!

Today I’m interviewing Pearle Nerenberg.  Pearle is the founder of Eat This for Performance -a place for high achievers to learn how to feel soaring energy levels on their way to achieving their next level.

Pearle is a masters level Sports Dietitian, an Athlete, a Coach and a Mom of two. Pearle is uniquely qualified to give scientific-backed nutrition advice to adults and children who participate in sports. She has a masters degree in nutritional science from McGill University which she combines with a diploma in sports nutrition from the International Olympic Committee. She is the dietitian for both Olympic level and amateur athletes and is the official dietitian for the professional women’s hockey team, Les Canadiennes de Montreal.

Pearle coaches active families to eat for performance and she draws on her own experience she had as an elite level hockey player for Cornell University to guide young athletes who want to make it there too.  Pearle is regularly found experimenting in the kitchen making simple dishes that both fuel performance and taste great.

In her interview we, of course, talk all things mompreneur life, but we also dive deep into the nutrition side of fueling our body to  make sure that we have the energy to show up for our businesses and families fully, and in the way that they both deserve.


  • There are three food categories: energizers (whole grains, healthy starchy vegetables, whole fruit), superfoods (vegetables, healthy fats), and muscle builders (meat, fish, seafood, legumes).  You need each category at each meal.

  • Keeping superfoods and muscle builders equal on your plate will keep you balanced.

  • To encourage our kids to try new foods you are their biggest models.  So if you eat a well-balanced diet, odds are that they will want to. Model the behavior you want to see in your kids with your own behavior.

  • Exposure therapy works really well to get kids to try new foods.  Try exposing them to the food for 21-40 days, encourage them to try it, but don’t force it.  Eventually your kids will at least tolerate the food, and it won’t be a battle to get them to eat it anymore.


  • “The moment I had my daughter my life as an entrepreneur changed forever.  If I could go back in time and whisper those words of wisdom to myself I would, especially to tell myself to take the time to be with my child, my young child, to not stress, the business will be there when you come back.”

  • “I’m learning how to be a mompreneur everyday.”

  • “My kids have given me a whole new meaning to what I’m doing in my business.”


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