Episode #74: How to fill your Facebook group with ideal clients [Part Two]

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Hey Mama!  And welcome to episode #74 of the Life by Design Podcast with Allison Hardy!

Today is the second of a two-part episode on how to fill your Facebook group with ideal clients.  As algorithms change and Facebook Ads get more expensive, it’s important to have a place where you can go on social media, particularly Facebook, where you can connect on a deeper level with your ideal client, which is why you need a Facebook group!  And no matter what stage of business you are in, you can use a Facebook group to scale and grow your business.

In today’s episode I’m sharing how to qualify your group members by making sure they are actually ideal by asking them a series of questions upon entry into your group.  These questions not only serve as amazing market research, but they also simultaneously help you to build your email address.


  • The questions that you ask your group members as the request entry into your group is AMAZING market research.  Have three or four questions upon entry into your group.

  • The “How did you find this group?” question tells you how your group’s name resonates with your ideal client.

  • Ask them to identify what they would like to fix immediately, this is great market research and will help you to create content and copy around those pain points using the language that they use.

  • If you feel like you aren’t attracting your ideal client into your group, then ask them to describe what they do in 5 sentences or less, it helps you to understand why your new group member is motivated to join your group.

  • To build your email list offer your new member your freebie, instead of requiring your new group member to give you their email address upon joining the group.  This develops the know, like, and trust factor.


  • “My ideal client 6 months ago or a year ago is very different from my ideal client now.  They have different concerns, they have different pain points, they have different problems, they are working on different things in their business.”

  • “Pinterest is driving traffic to my blog, the pop up is driving traffic to my Facebook group.”

  • “I have requested to join groups before that require me to give them their email address, and I haven’t followed through with the request.  Because if I don’t know you, if I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know anything about you, I’m sure you’re a fantastic business owner, but I’m not giving you my email address.”


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