Episode #93: Ditching corporate and going full-time entrepreneur with Emily Allen

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Hey Mama!  And welcome to episode #93 of the Life by Design Podcast with Allison Hardy!  

Today I get to share an interview with Emily Allen, a virtual COO (Chief Operating Officer).  Emily helps busy, overwhelmed and overworked small business owners and entrepreneurs take their business to new levels of success with the power of processes, systems and strategy so they can grow manageable, profitable and scalable businesses.

In simpler words? Emily creates experiences that help her clients lead better, easier and happier lives – LESS stress, MORE progress.

Emily is a a wife, mom of 3 kiddos, certified project management professional and most recently a former corporate employee turned entrepreneur!

She loves all things planning and organizing and has 15+ years’ experience in the corporate world, planning growth-centric strategies, organizing projects, leading high-performing teams, solving unforeseen problems, and helping with timely execution.


  • Getting out of her 9-5 was HARD and Emily waited around a long time because fear was creeping in.  She was using her corporate position as a way to give herself permission to not be fully invested in her business.

  • The #1 mistake as a COO that Emily sees is her clients not letting go of certain tasks that are not within their zone of genius.  

  • Being busy and being productive, are two different things.

  • If you don’t have a plan in place, how are you supposed to measure your successes or failures?  Being plan-less in your business gives you wiggle room to not hit your goals and create failure over and over again.


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