Episode #110: Faith in the process with Dillon and Sarah King

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Hey Mama! Welcome to episode #110 of the Life by Design Podcast with Allison Hardy!

Today I’m interviewing with passive income experts Dillon and Sarah King!

Dillon and Sarah King are the founders of www.withthekings.com. By creating and selling courses, they have made over a million dollars in sales while working less than 5 hours per week. And just to be clear, It didn't start out this way - it took a lot of hard work, which they refuse to sugar-coat!

They believe in family first, and with (almost) 4 children under 4, they are so thankful for their business, because it has given them the freedom to be fully present parents. After experiencing this success, Dillon and Sarah have become committed to supporting others in creating + selling their own courses. Dillon and Sarah believe that everyone knows something that others would pay to learn.

Their signature program, Launch, helps entrepreneurs find "their thing" and monetize that knowledge through their own online course. Dillon and Sarah have made it their goal to remove the mystery of making money online. They believe anyone who is willing to work hard for a freedom lifestyle, should have the tools to make it happen.


  • Dillon and Sarah discuss how to push through the fear with faith in the system and in the process.

  • When it comes to passive income, it all comes down to numbers and statistics. They say it’s important to be able to rely on numbers.

  • For Dillon and Sarah, having it all is the freedom lifestyle. They want to feel free of obligation and be fully present with their kids.

  • One reason Dillon and Sarah got into entrepreneurship was because of their kids. Their kids have always driven them to the next level.

  • Dillon and Sarah talk about minimalism and how thriving on less gives us more energy and time to be more present in our lives.


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