Episode #103: 6 things you need to do to create 6-figures in this year

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Hey Mama! Welcome to episode #103 of the Life by Design Podcast with Allison Hardy!

Today’s episode revolves around the action that you need to take to hit 6-figures in this year. I hear my clients (and potential clients) say all the time, that if they could just make $100,000 this year then that would change a lot of things for them.

So let’s simplify the process and make that happen.

First, I want to disspell the myth that hitting 6-figures is hard. It’s not. What is hard is managing 10 bazillion things at one time. A 6-figure business doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be effective. So as we go through today’s episode I want to challenge you to take a good, long, hard look at your business and consider what is actually creating you income, and what is just fluff.

So let’s dive in! Here are the 6 things you need to do to create a 6-figure year this year:

1. Charge what you’re worth.

We see people doing this all the time in the online space. Discounting their services in hopes that the discount, or flash sale, or special (whatever it is that they are promoting) will incentivize people to enroll with them. It actually does the opposite. It undervalues your work and expertise. No discounts on your active work, ever.

2. Automate a passive income stream.

You have to have something that makes you money that you absolutely do not touch. This can be a $7 product, it can be a $500 product. Whatever it is, automation is key. You absolutely cannot work your business every single day and expect it to grow. Your automated passive products are how you are going to scale your business, quickly and effectively.

3. Outsource.

Truth bomb: you are not good at everything in your business. You are good at work with your clients, so do that. Leave everything else up to someone else who is much better at it then you are. Plus, when you use their expertise you are helping them to build their business, put food on their dinner table, and fulfill their dreams. You’re paying it forward. And that, in turn, allows you to do more of what you’re meant to be doing in your business.

4. Pour into others.

A lot of us have causes we feel strongly about. Give to them. It’s imperative to have a “why” in your business that is bigger than you, your family, and your clients. We’re here to change lives, and playing it small has no role here. Also, give to your colleagues. You are colleagues for a reason, you love and trust them, so serve them in big ways.

5. Become the dumbest person in the room.

You have to be constantly learning. Surrounding yourself with people who are farther ahead of you in business creates a culture of upleveling. You can learn from them, see what they are doing, and I’d argue, because of this you are going to grow quicker and easier.

6. Get advice from people who have done what you’ve done.

Unless your mom, husband, sister, brother, best friend has created a 6-figure business, their opinion has no place in your business. You need to get advice from someone who has done what you want to do. So if your goal is t hit 6-figures you better be getting business advice from someone who has done that.

Doing these 6 thing will create a massive change for your business and will get you on your way to 6-figures (and beyond) in 2019.


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