Episode #101: Mothering like a boss with Kendra Hennessy

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Hey Mama!  Welcome to episode #101 of the Life by Design Podcast with Allison Hardy!

Today I’m interviewing Home Management Expert, Kendra Hennessy!

Kendra is a podcast host and founder of Mother like a Boss, where she helps busy modern moms become homemakerish. Her mission is to redefine homemaking in the 21st century and make the difficult and tedious parts of running your home smoother through systems, routines and mindset shifts.

She lives in upstate NY with her husband Adam and their two spunky kiddos, Ava and Everett. Kendra is a Girl Scout co-leader, a coffee junkie and can usually be found in her off time binge watching The Office.

 She loves giving support and encouragement to the moms of the world and giving them the confidence they need to enjoy life as a mother.


  • Kendra discovered online business after realizing that her cleaning business wasn’t scalable.  It was growable, but not scalable. Listening to podcasts helped her to open her eyes to the possibility of having an online business.

  • Kendra’s definition of having it all focused on her core beliefs.  For her it’s about what is important to her, what is her mission, and how is she serving her.  This applies both to her business and her family.

  • Stop trying to fit into the mold of what you think your life is supposed to look like.  If family dinners aren’t possible for every single night of the week, that’s ok. Quality over quantity.

  • Presence is something that Kendra equates with harmony.  She is very clear with her kids that she is working and that there are certain boundaries that need to be in place.  She has very honest conversations about what her work does for her family with her kids and the need for her to work in order to make her goals a reality.

  • Kendra’s favorite part of having an online business is learning about how different cultures run their homes, businesses, and lives in different countries.

  • Establish a routine and use it as a jumping board to facilitate freedom, both at home and in your business.


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