DAY 5 : NOW WHAT? [100 Leads in 5 Days]

By now you're probably starting to see some traction, celebrate that! I truly believe that celebrating every single milestone (no matter how big or how small) breeds more milestones and is the quickest way to creating and seeing some serious momentum in our businesses.  But you're also probably realizing the fatal flaw in this strategy I've shared with you.

DAY 4 : IMPLEMENT [100 Leads in 5 Days]

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Today’s episode is the audio from video #4 of the 100 Leads in 5 Days Training Series.  Buckle up, it’s a good one today, today’s the day we implement!

You've been soooo patient.
You've done the work.
You've dug deep.
You've created and crafted.
You've and adjusted.
Now it's time to IMPLEMENT!

In today's audio I'm talking about the implementation strategy behind this entire thing.

Like the whole entire breakdown of the execution of this strategy.

Today is the day when those leads are going to start pouring in and I cannot wait to see your results.

Now that your ladder post is ready to go you’re going to post it!  Wahoo! I’m excited to see the results you’re going to get from this.  

There is a bit of strategy that you need to employ here.

This isn’t a strategy you can do weekly, so you need to spread your post out over your platforms in order to get the most bang for your buck and to not monopolize all of your time managing you responses.

Here are some places you can put your ladder post.  Again, don’t do these all at once, maybe pick 2 or 3 per day and slowly work through these.

  • Your Facebook Group

  • Someone else’s Facebook Group (if it’s allowed)

And side bar here: don’t do this in my Facebook Group.  There are approximately 1,000 of us going through this training series, if all of y’all do this in my Group, your post will get lost and it won’t be effective! 

Some other places:

  • Your personal Facebook profile

  • Your Facebook Business Page

  • Instagram Stories via video

  • Instagram Stories via written frames

  • Instagram feed

  • IGTV

Now, whenever someone responds by doing what you tell them to do in your call to action, which tells you that they want your freebie, you are going to reply.  You are going to “like” their response, and then in your reply tag them (so they get a notification), tell them that they are going to LOVE your resource, and then drop the link to your resource.  Short, sweet, and easy!

If they respond to your comment, you respond back!  Remember, the key here is to keep the comments going so your post gets engagement, which gets more eyes on it.  The longer you can keep this post alive, the more engagement it will get! AND, if it’s in a Group, the longer it will stay at the top of the Group, which is exactly what you want.

Your homework today: POST!  Post your ladder post! When you do it, head to our Facebook Group, use #100leads, and tell us you did it!  We want to celebrate with you!

So get to posting, and let’s move the needle in your business and FAST!


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