Facebook Group Audit

You’re about to bring your facebook group to the next level and I’m ridiculously pumped for you!

When you enrolled you snagged an AMAZING bonus of a Facebook group audit! Now, I’m not doing a whole bunch of live coaching these days, so you will LOVE this feature of From Wallflowers to Groupies!

How this will work:

  1. You’ll fill out the form below and hit “Submit”.

  2. When I receive it I’ll request access into your group, please add me!

  3. Once I have access I’ll return your audit back to you in 7 business days.

what to expect:

  1. Once I am added to your Facebook group I’ll start to follow it and see how you and your group members interact with one another.

  2. Then, when I feel like I have a good understanding of your group and how it functions, I’ll do a screen recording of me walking through your group, telling you what’s going well, what could be improved upon and I’ll give you 5-10 action items to help you hit your the goal of your group, faster.

  3. I’ll upload the file to a shared Google folder and share it with you.

so let’s get this audit started, shall we? Fill out the form below:

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