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But wait....there's more! There's something else you're going to want!

In addition to organic traffic to sell your amazing passive products, a little paid traffic never hurt anyone.  Facebook Ads can (and will) be a game changer when it comes to making sales on automate and getting new leads onto your mailing list.

in 2017 I was able to grow my business by 400%.  do you want to know how i was able to do that?  creating facebook ads that got absolutely ideal clients onto my email list and buying my passive products.

Essentially, I was able to take a cold audience (people who have NEVER heard of me before) and convert them into loyal fans that are ready to buy from me at a moment's notice through effective and strategic Facebook Ads that didn't cost me a small fortune.  They were targeted, they were strategic, and most importantly, they were ridiculously successful.

do you want an insider's view into how I run my ads and how i teach my high-end 1:1 clients to do the same? 

My Facebook Ads Blueprint Mini Course will do just that.  Give you the tools, strategies, and tips for creating Facebook Ads that get red hot leads in your inbox and Facebook group every single day, that don't cost a small fortune.

well you're in luck! today i'm offering you the facebook ads blueprint mini course for 85% off!  Normally this course is $167, but for you, and only you, when you enroll in the course in the next 15 minutes i'm offering it for $27.  yep you read that right, all of the facebook ads strategy you could ever need for $27. #nobrainer

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