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For so many of us, we STRUGGLE with sales.  It wasn't until I had my business coach actually sit me down and go through my sales call process that I started to convert fans to clients.  Are you on the struggle bus when it comes to sales calls?  If so, you're in the right place!  I have an IRRESISTIBLE offer for you!   

Through the Sales Call Template you'll learn:

  • the step-by-step approach I take, and that I teach to my clients, to convert (on average) 75% of the clients we get on the phone with.
  • the EXACT phrases and prompts that I use to move my sales calls along.
  • methods for overcoming common objections like time and money.
  • how to confidently challenge a potential client's objections without being pushy or pressure-filled.
  • how to make a potential client an offer on the spot that serves both you and her.

This is the highly converting template that I use to fully book my high-end coaching programs each month and to convert about 75% of the women I get on a sales call with.  I'll walk you through a typical sales call, what I say and how I say it, and then give you the opportunity to craft your own highly converting sales call template.  And it can be yours, for $27, only for the next 15 minutes!

This template includes:

  • word, for word, what I say on every single sales call to convert about 75% of the women I get on a sales call with.
  • ways to remain heart-centered and support your potential client through the decision-making process.
  • a script for making challenging your potential client's objections a conversation that isn't spammy or slimy.
  • time-stamped guidelines to keep the conversation on-track during the time allotted for it.