Step into the world of the $10k+ months you’ve been dreaming of...

while living a life of freedom with your family even if you feel like you've plateaued, have nothing left to give, and have tried it all before.

Have you put in all of the hard work of raising your Biz Baby (sleepless nights, 24/7 hours, total self-sacrifice) but always expected way more from it?

MORE Money. MORE Time. MORE Freedom!

You want to maximize your profits, spend lots of quality time with your family, and make a huge impact on your clients' lives.
You want to buy the healthiest foods for your family, go on vacations while still getting paid, and be able to outsource in your business to have more time for you.

More than anything, you want to feel secure knowing your business is running smoothly, so you can wake up each morning excited and able to choose exactly what you most want to do with your day, and the time to do it.

  • See all the "potential" in your business to make serious money, but the harder you push the farther it seems you have to go.
  • Are feeling maxed out, and unsure of how you can increase your income, without majorly increasing your stress levels.
  • Feel guilty spending so much time working, and not getting enough QT with your kids, and vice versa.
  • Keep hearing everyone talk about passive income and Facebook Ads, but can't crack the code on making them work for you.
  • Are so stressed about making more money that you never really feel done with work.  It's even hard to sleep some nights, as you obsess about ways to get more clients.

if these "confessions of a mom-boss" sound like they could've been ripped out of your journal, you're in the right place. #overit

I can tell you that I've been there, and just about every Mom-Boss I've met has spent some time there too.

you have a legit business that brings in money each and every month.  the problem is that it's just not enough income.

Everything you do in your business requires you, and you're already maxed out in the number of hours you can/want to work.  You can't 10x your income, without 10x-ing your hours.

you don't have a system that works for you, so you end up with "shiny object syndrome' always trying new things, with no real consistency.

You know you need an email funnel, but have struggled spending lots of time and money testing them with little reward.

the truth is that you are at the point where you need to get real with yourself and determine where your business is (or isn't) going.  This limbo you are in is driving you crazy, and you are carrying this stress with you even when you are with your family.

I'm Allison Hardy and I work with mompreneurs just like you!

Mompreneurs who want to create five-figure months, provide the best life for their families, and live a life by design.

Let's get real for a moment, you and your business can only survive this way for so long before you reach burnout.
You've tried many times to find the perfect program or coach to solve this problem, but didn't get the results you were hoping for.
You've tried every different strategy (some multiple times) and are still coming up short, and you just don't know why.

Want to know what's missing?

support from a coach who knows exactly where you are coming from, who helps you to come up with a strategy specific to you and what you are wanting from your business.

As a mom there are different challenges you will face in your business, and different motivations.  Maybe you are getting pretty crappy sleep each night, have a job as the family chauffeur, and can't remember the last time you heard the sound of silence.  Trust me, I'm right there with you mama!  Which is why all the work you will find in this program will be easy to digest, income-generating, and will not dd a tremendous workload to your already hectic life.

you'll also need a customized strategy, cookie cutter marketing strategies don't work.  when you get the feedback and accountability you need, your business will blossom.

Just imagine...

  • Bringing in enough money that you feel confident in outsourcing jobs in your business, knowing your time is better spent on your area of expertise.
  • Being able to wake up and decide you want to spend the day with your family, knowing your business will still be running without you.
  • Taking your family on vacation and seeing PayPal sales pop-up on your phone the whole trip!
  • Earning so much income each month that you have enough to save, give, and invest.
  • Shopping at the nicest grocery store in town and not having to check the price on anything to get your family delicious, healthy food for the week.
  • Being absolutely obsessed with your business an the clients you work with.
  • Working a set number of hours a week that works for you and your family, with zero guilt.

But you only get these results when you invest in a program that fills in all your blind-spots, gives you an exact system to take you where you want to go, and gets serious results

Introducing the RISE Self-Study Course:

A self-study course for high-achieving mompreneurs who are ready to create $10k+ months.

During this 16-week self-study course you'll learn the daily actions you need to take in your business to allow you to make big profits, while still enjoying lots of freedom in your life.

I'll teach you how to create systems in your business that will ensure consistency and multiply your bottom line

And I'll hold you accountable to follow through with the work, in order to achieve your desired lifestyle and income goals.  You'll also have the other mamas in the group to give you support you need to have lasting results.


Here’s what's included in this 16-week course:


Week 1: Identifying your ideal client 

in this module you will learn:

  • How to create a detailed outline of your ideal client.  You've probably done this before, but it's one of the most VITAL things you can do for your business.
  • To get crystal clear on who you serve and how you serve, so that you can create offers that speak directly to them.
  • Determine the qualities of your dream clients, so that working with them will be a perfect fit for the both of you.

Week 2: Market research

in this module you will learn:

  • How to conduct market research that uncovers exactly how your ideal clients describe their desires.
  • Determine the qualities of your dream clients, so that working with them will be a perfect fit for the both of you.
  • What questions to ask to dive deep and get the answers you need to truly understand them.

Week 3: Opt-in, funnel, tripwire

in this module you will learn:

  • How to get leads from your high-end programs on automate, and get fully booked each month, so that you never have to wonder where your next client is coming from
  • How to implement a successful tripwire so that when you do start running Facebook Ads, your tripwire will pay for your Facebook Ads and you an list build for FREE.
  • Create a funnel that takes your prospective clients through a journey which speaks to them and their greatest desires.  By the time you make your pitch it will be totally irresistible, and one that your subscriber can't pass up.
Gemma James - ladder post.jpg
Tripwire - Suzanne Taylor.jpg

Week 4: Implementation week

A week to catch up on any missed tasks and a chance to implement any strategies you want to try.

Week 5: Facebook Ads 1 

in this module you will learn:

  • How to use Power Editor to create your own Facebook Ads from start to finish.
  • How to create highly targeted audiences based on habits from your email subscribers, those who have visited your site, and have interacted with your Facebook Page.
  • How to create stunning Facebook Ad graphics, and write highly-converting Ad copy that gets people to take action!
Cristin Downs - FB Likes.jpg

Week 6: Facebook Ads 2

in this module you will learn:

  • Strategies for list building, bringing in more leads, and less stress into your business.
  • How to analyze your Facebook Ads numbers to determine if your Ads are performing well, so that you aren't wasting money on Ads that aren't getting results.
  • How to scale campaigns once they are running like  well-oiled, lead-generating machine! 
Brittney Rossie - Social Proof - FB Ads - BLURRED.jpg

Week 7: Funnel tweaking

in this module you will learn:

  • How to use the data collected by your funnel to know what improvements need to be made.
  • How to tweak your funnel to get you better results, at cheaper price for your leads.
  • How to scale your funnel based on your desired monthly income.
Wendy-email funnel stats - blurred.jpg

Week 8: Implementation week

A week to catch up on any missed tasks and a chance to implement any strategies you want to try.

Week 9: Self-care

in this module you will learn:

  • How to incorporate self-care into your daily routine.  As the CEO of your business you need to make sure that self-care is at the forefront.  A burned out CEO is a bad CEO.
  • What self-care really is, and why it is just as important as any other activity in your business when it comes to your bottom line.
  • How to find the time for self-care, no matter how busy your schedule is so that you can be at the top of your game.

Week 10: Program development

in this module you will learn:

  • How to develop a signature program as well as a passive product program, in order to create multiple streams of income flowing into your business.
  • How to establish goals for each program, to keep you motivated and always reaching higher.
  • How to set-up your programs in a way that provides huge results and motivation for your clients!
Goal setting - Christian Scott.jpg

Week 11: Launching 

in this module you will learn:

  • How to launch a product/program and actually hit the goals you have for it, each and every time.
  • What you need to have in place in order to launch a program successfully, so that you aren't wasting your time and money without getting the desired results.
  • Various launch strategies for different types of offerings, allowing you to choose the strategy that feels best for you and your business.
Gemma James - Launch.jpg
Erin Newman - international client -  blurred.jpg

Week 12: Implementation week

A week to catch up on any missed tasks and a chance to implement any strategies you want to try.

Week 13: Publicity and live events 

in this module you will learn:

  • How to leverage webinars, collaborations, and challenges to turn leads into high-paying clients.
  • How to pitch podcasts, to get accepted with ease!
  • How to utilize guest blogging to expand your impact.
Gemma James - book - blurred.jpg

Week 14: Building a team

in this module you will learn:

  • The top things to outsource in order to make the biggest impact on your business, without spending a fortune.
  • How to find quality contractors to reduce your workload.
  • The steps to take to get your employees started, and how to manage your work together so that you are both clear on the expectations.

Week 15: Scaling 

in this module you will learn:

  • How to scale your business on automate, through passive income products.
  • How to take your funnel to the next level, to create bigger months on demand.
  • How to ensure you are meeting your $10K+ per month income goals
Social Proof - Cristin Downs - Blurred.jpg

Week 16: Implementation week

A week to catch up on any missed tasks and a chance to implement any strategies you want to try.

8 group coaching call replays

you'll receive 8 groUp coaching call replays from previous live versions of rise

Access to an exclusive Facebook group

you'll meet current and alumni clients who have enrolled in courses, 1:1 programs, and group coaching programs that will push you to the next level, will become your biz besties, and i'll be in there to support you weekly

Horizontal - Camden and I running.jpg

Hi I'm Allison Hardy, creator of RISE.

I created rise for mompreneurs like you who are done struggling in their business and are ready to reach their full potential.

I help women raise their business, while they raise their families, so that they can design a life that they love.  I've successfully raised three online businesses in ten years and I'm obsessed with helping women to do the same.

I'm a Huffington Post contributor and have been featured in YFS Magazine, was named one of Washington, D.C.'s most influential professionals under 40 by Washington Life Magazine, creator of the Life by Design podcast, and am wife to Teer and mom to threenager, Camden, with a little lady on the way!

The main inspiration behind creating RISE was to empower women to be able to consistently meet their income goals, while still being able to live their lives to the fullest, and be able to be there for their children in the moments that matter most.

I remember the night I took a long hard look at my business, after months and months of not being able to make ends meet, and racking up credit card debt. It was the same day that I had applied for food stamps (something I promise myself I would never do!), and had to ask for an extension to pay for my son’s preschool, which happened to be at the church my husband worked at as a Pastor.

I knew I needed to make a change.  If something didn't change now, the future of my business, my finances, my family, and my self-worth wasn't going to be so bright.  My present was scary, but my future was even scarier.

The same day I applied for food stamps, I took a leap, and invested in a high-end business coach. It made zero sense at all, but I knew I needed to do it. I found a no-interest for 6-months credit card and charged the entire coaching fee on it. I faced my fears, cried a massive amount of tears, asked for help, and had faith that this was going to work for me.

I know you may feel discouraged right now, like you've tried it all.  Put those feelings aside for a moment, and let me tell you that the decision I made to take the next big leap (even though the timing made no sense), is the reason why I have a wildly successful business today.

You have to be willing to be knocked down nine times, and still get up again on the tenth time. That is the key to success; resilience and faith.

If you are feeling like there is something missing in your business right now, there is.  Selling out your high-end programs and meeting your income goals doesn't have to be hard.  Really, it doesn't!  Don't be hard on yourself, you just need the information to fill the gaps in your knowledge.  That is what you will find here in RISE.

This program is made by a mompreneur, for mompreneurs. Meaning that I know you don’t have all the time in the world, and that you don’t want that to affect your profits. All the training will be fluff-free and full of income-generating action steps.

We will set up passive income streams that allow you to make money while you are on-the-go with your family.  I get it Mama, you are crazy busy!  That's why you need to make sure that the efforts you put into your business are effective.

It doesn’t take 60 hour work weeks to build a successful online business, but it does take know-how. Learn at your own pace and set up a schedule that works for you! By the time the program ends, you will have simple, effective systems set-up which will make you more money, spending less time.

Meet my PHENOMENAL clients!


Suzanne Taylor, Holistic Life Coach

Andrea Anderson, Plant-based Food Blogger

Julie Raich, Confident Communication Consultant

Christian Scott, Health Coach

My biggest takeaway after working with Allison is confidence.  I was at a point in my business where I was stuck with a vision, but couldn't seem to take the leap to really go after my dream.  By working with Allison she taught me to jump without any worries.

I was able to sit down and lay out my business plan more effectively.  I was stuck with the simple tasks in my business and researching them and finding myself overwhelmed most of the time.  I wrote out a specific plan and began implementing them immediately.  I even hired a web designer while working with Allison to relaunch my website and to take my basic blog to a full-service site.  I also created several service packages that I will use to serve my clients in a bigger capacity.

-Molly Blomeley, Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer,

Allison helped me to focus on what really mattered in my business.  I often find myself overwhelmed with the "need" to do a ton of tasks in my business.  When in reality, I just need to stay focused on the parts of my business that matter the most.  Allison helped me identify those important tasks.  Through working with Allison I was able to gain confidence in my business and go outside my comfort zone to make my business grow.  So much so that I re-branded my entire business, I fully booked myself with personal training clients, and I'm now building a brick and mortar fitness studio and moving out of my single car garage! 

-Christian Scott, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach,

Allison is an absolute genius in what she does and she's so spot on at picking out the bits of your business that you are struggling with and helping you to make some adjustments to get the results you want from it.  Having a safe space to share my struggles and celebrate my wins really benefitted me.  The accountability that Allison provided was invaluable.

While working with Allison I increased my income by 5x, left my miserable 9-5 day job, and developed a strong sense of clarity and confidence as to who I actually am, who I help, and how I help them.  I learned that I need to trust my instincts more and that with a little bit of business strategy, I can make a HUGE impact in the world through my services!

-Gemma James, Mindset Coach for Fempreneurs


I’ve created this coaching program so you can receive the guidance, information, and accountability you need without having to invest in any other program.

With RISE you won't have to go searching for all the pieces to the puzzle, trying to piece them all together.  Everything you need to know is included, all in the order that you need to learn.

You won’t have to go through all the trial-and-error on your own that can last months, if not years.

You will have all your questions answered by me personally via our Private Facebook Group and on our coaching calls.

All you will have to do is show up, do the work, and you will see results very quickly.

A year from now do you want to be stuck at the same income level you are now, or are you ready to breakthrough to $10K months NOW?




One payment
of $1,000

Two monthly payments
of $600

Four monthly payments
of $400


What happens after I join?

Once you sign up you will immediately be sent an email welcoming you into the program.  The email will include a link to the Facebook group to allow you to begin taking part in the community.  From there, you'll receive new modules weekly.

RISE is perfect for you if you:

  • Are not about to settle for "good enough"
  • Want to step into the role of a CEO in your business
  • Have a "bandwidth problem" and want to scale without working more hours
  • Put your family first but also LOVE your business
  • Want to impact other women significantly and help them to change their lives, as much as you've changed your own

RISE is not for you if you:

  • Aren't ready to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Know you aren't prepared to put in the necessary work
  • Aren't willing to change your mindset around your business

More kind words from my clients!


Erin Newman, Spiritual Business Coach and Authentic Marketing Mentor

Gemma James, Success Mindset and Law of Attraction Coach

When I first started working with Allison I was still on the quest to book my first client and was struggling with getting my Facebook Ads to convert.  Through working strategically with Allison I was able to enroll my first client and get three Facebook Ads to convert within the first month!  I now love the strategy part of my business and understand how to market myself purposefully and intentionally.  I feel empowered and really confident in my business and my offerings.

-Leila Simard, Strategy Whispered for Event Planners,

Before working with Allison I was at a place in my business where I felt like I needed to get focus and direct feedback on some pain points I was experiencing.  I have connected with Allison previously and knew that I could learn from her, so I decided to invest in a coaching program with her. 

During my time working with Allison I realized that I can and need to do what excites me in my business.  When faced with a decision and asking for advice Allison turned it around to ask me what excites me and gets me fired up.  It gave me permission to really honor what I have a passion for. 

While working with Allison I explored many new ideas and embraced the things I really love to do.  I made a decision to develop and implement a free Facebook community, got crystal clear on who I serve and how to make sure my messaging speaks directly to her, and I put together a new opt-in and got some really helpful feedback along the way.

-Marsha Apsley, Faith-based counselor,

The most powerful takeaway that came from working with Allison the CONFIDENCE I have in my role in our business.  I was able to take ownership for what I am great at in ways I never could have done without the encouragement (and kick in the butt!) I got from Allison.

During our time together I mustered up the confidence to do my very first Facebook Live broadcast and have been getting increased traffic to my site and more leads into my email list because of those live broadcasts.  I also have began to understand the power of my journaling and have turned my entries into a funnel that books sales calls on a regular basis.  And lastly, I now realize the power of strategy and how that helps my clients get attainable results.

-April Brabender, Brand Strategist,


One payment
of $1,000

Two monthly payments
of $600

Four monthly payments
of $400


FAQ Section:

Am I guaranteed to make money?

The answer is, no.  Nothing in life is guaranteed.  But if you enter into this course with an open mind and a willingness to learn, things will change in your business.  Many of my clients have had phenomenal results, the same is possible for you.

How much time should I set aside each week for the material covered?

The time varies on the individual and their needs, unfortunately a set number of hours can't be guaranteed.

If I have a product-based business will this program still be a good fit for me?

YES!  I had a product-based business for years!  The concepts we will cover can be applicable to service- and product-based businesses.

I think I need to shift my business, will this program help me?

Of course!  I was in your shoes about two years ago.  My business transition opened my eyes to a new way of doing business and it was only through business coaching that I am at the point where I am today.  This program will 100% help you with transitioning your business.

I'm partnered with a direct sales, network marketing, and/or multi-level marketing company, will this program benefit me?

I truly believe in these partnerships.  I actually got my start in network marketing and then branched out from there.  I think that these types of partnerships can be done really, really well, but in certain non-spammy ways.  I will offer new ways of looking at your partnership, your marketing, and how you get in front of potential clients.

I'm really scared to invest in my business this way, what will I get from this program?

At the least, empowerment.  You will gain clarity into the direction of your business, actionable to-do items to move you and your business forward, marketing techniques, social media trainings, and ways to automate your business every single day.  You are 100% capable of bringing your business to the next level, you just need the support and techniques to do so.  Many of my clients see the return on investment fairly quickly, you just have to take the leap of faith and build your net on the way down.


A note from Allison:

Hey Mama!

I know it's hard when you feel like you've been stuck at your current income level for so long.  It may feel like you are never going to be able to reach your goals, and create the impact you desire.  You can't imagine how you could make more money without never getting to see your family, and being totally stressed out.

I want you to know that however long you have been in this place, you can always start fresh and build your life by design.  No matter where you are starting from we can get you to where you want to be!  It will just take doing something that you've never done before.

ALWAYS rooting for you,
Allison Hardy