Thirty days, thirty high-powered mompreneurs, thirty actionable to-do items to move you, and your business, forward on your own terms every single day.


Day One: Allison Hardy

Day Two: Samantha Parker

In the first session's training you'll be hearing from yours truly, Allison Hardy. And for those of you who don't know me, I'm a Business Strategist for momprenuers who is OBSESSED with authentic social media, Facebook Live, and automation.

In this  training, I'll be talking about how I grew my Facebook group by 300ish members in just two weeks through leveraging Facebook's algorithm. In short, I figured out what Facebook liked, and did it over and over again, and I'll be explaining EXACTLY how I did that.

And speaking of Facebook groups, if you're obsessed with heart-centered strategy like I am, I'd LOVE to have you join me in my Facebook group, The Mompreneur Community!

Session two's super strategic tip is from Samantha Parker of Hype Social Strategies. And y'all, if you don't know Samantha, go join her Facebook community, Badass Bosses now! You'll immediately become a HUGE fan!

In Samantha's video she'll be sharing three tips to create a highly engaged Facebook group that will not only become a loyal tribe, but also raving clients. Samantha's no-BS approach to business is admirable, refreshing, and quite honestly, effective!


Day Three: Penny Norkett

Day Four: Jenna Carelli

In session three's training, you'll be hearing from Penny Norkett, Empowerment Coach and Success Strategist. She's sharing with us 5 steps to keeping your desires and motivators at the forefront to explode your business and personal life! This is powerful stuff, y'all. Penny will walk you through methods to claim your brilliance and ways to honor and attract success.

To join Penny in her 3-day Visibility Challenge, to facilitate this success, click here, claim your spot, and get ready to step into a new level of success!


In session four's training, you're learning from Business Growth Coach, Jenna Carelli. Jenna is sharing with us her absolute favorite business strategy: outreach. And this isn't your standard, "Send a Facebook message to 10 people per day." type of outreach. What Jenna is teaching is outreach that is authentic, intentional, and get results. You're not going to want to miss this, Mama.

If you haven't joined Jenna's Facebook group Up-Level with Implementation, you're truly missing out! Jenna's group is probably one of the most engaged, genuine group for online entrepreneurs out there. She shares super effective content daily. You don't want to miss out.


Day Six: Lisa Falconer

Day Five: Stephanie MacKenzie

MacKenzie, business coach and funnel expert, is sharing some super juicy strategy on how to make sure that your clients have success while working with you with us today.

In her training she'll be talking about how to help your clients to hit their goals every single month while working with you. Because, let's be honest, your clients' successes are the best way to flex your expertise as an expert in your field, am I right?! Your clients absolutely NEED to have successes while working with you, and Stephanie is going to help you get there.

Make sure to join Stephanie's amazing community, The Extrava-Not Entrepreneurs, where she shares business tips daily.

Do you know what you need to be doing daily BEFORE you start working your business?

Well Lisa Falconer, Life Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner, has the solution for you! In Lisa's training today she not only talks about the single-most important thing you need to be doing in your business daily, she also talks about a mindset shift when it comes to Facebook marketing.

And I'll give you a hint: her strategy is completely heart-centered.

Make sure to join Lisa's awesome Facebook group Fearless Freedom Lovers for some amazing mindset exercises and to learn more about tapping and how it can change your life, just like it did Lisa's!


Day Eight: Carly Richards

Day Seven: Joy Martinez


Selling from the heart is such an important part of our businesses. Today Carly Richards, Business and Marketing Strategist for ambitious moms, is sharing with you the four stages of the buyer's mindset journey. This is a strategy she has developed to help you create content that speaks directly to your ideal client through identifying their thoughts and concerns around the buying process.

To learn more from Carly join her Facebook group, Super Mums in Business and make sure to snag one of those free 40-minute marketing assessments she mentions in her video!

Do you know what your strengths are? And do you know how to build a business around that?

If you're interested to learn how to leverage your strengths, Joy Martinez is your girl! Joy is a Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach and in today's training she is sharing how to figure out what your strengths are, build a business around that, and use that to impact the world around you.

Joy will be sharing the four pillars of strength finding and will be walking us through how she helps her clients navigate those pillars.

To learn more about Joy and to connect with her more you can visit her site by clicking here.


Day Ten: Allie Davis

Day Nine: Cristin Goss

Are you using Instagram Stories to sell to your ideal client?

If not, Cristin Goss, Videographer and Video Marketing Strategist is here to help! Cristin is sharing the ins and outs of Instagram Stories with us and is walking us through how to actually use this feature within Instagram.

Follow Cristin on Instagram and make sure to download her insanely valuable free resource, How To Shoot Better Smartphone Videos.

In session ten, we are learning from Allie Davis, Business and Mindset Coach for Christian women entrepreneurs who want to create God-inspired impact and income with a faith-focused approach.

Allie is sharing with us a strategy that she uses, and that she teaches her clients to use, that has helped her to continually enroll her high-end coaching programs. And isn't that what we all want, to continually enroll our high-end programs? She'll walk you through different approaches and strategies within this approach and will give some tried and true examples from her own business.

To learn more about Allie and to connect with her further, join her Facebook group, The Courageous Christpreneur.


Day Twelve: Sandra Houseman

Day Eleven: Crissy Keye Rollins

Session eleven's training comes from Crissy Keye Rollins, Intuitive Mindset and Self-Healing Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs.

Do you procrastinate or have a hard time finishing things? Crissy not only walks you through what taking action looks like, but through reverse engineering figures out that radical self-love is at the root of action.

Are you ready to dive deep and take a good, hard look inward, Mama?

And make sure to connect with Crissy further through her Facebook group, The Consciouspreneur Club, and jump into her next Transform Fear into Confidence Challenge.

Sandra Houseman, Brand Strategist and Designer at Revitalize Branding, is sharing with you all about how to leverage your story as a business. In her training she is going to walk you through three things to help you get to thinking about your brand in a different way than most branding strategists! And Mama, tip #3 is so good! I can't wait for you to listen in.

To learn more from Sandra and to soak up all of her branding knowledge, join her Facebook group, The Impactful Ladyboss Movement.


Day Fourteen: Louise Edu

Day Thirteen: Fabi Paolini

In session thirteen, Fabi Paolini, Brand Specialist and Designer, is breaking down what branding actually is. She's walking you through the three pillars of branding and what branding actually is. And I'll give you a hint: branding isn't just your logo, font, and colors! It's so much more!

And through these three pillars, Fabi then talks about how trust is build through executing these three pillars successfully.

To snag Fabi's free banding course, click here and take your branding to the next level!

For session fourteen, you're learning from Louise Edu, online marketing consultant. And Mama, Louise is probably one of the most heart-centered mompreneurs you'll meet! You're going to love the content she shares with you today.

In Louise's training, she'll be walking you through the five steps to finding untapped revenue in your marketing strategy. We all need to be continually adapting and adjusting our marketing to make sure that we are maximizing our efforts and Louise is showing us exactly how to do that.

And make sure to take Louise up on her offer of a FREE 20-minute marketing assessment! You can snag your assessment here.


Day Sixteen: Aegean Thompson

Day Fifteen: Natalie Gingrich

Natalie Gingrich is a Certified Project Manager who brings her 15 years of experience in the corporate world to the online space and helps stressed out and overwhelmed mompreneurs manage their business through strategy.

In today's training she'll be sharing her tips on how to organize your business and team through mission, vision, and core values, and strategic objectives.

In her training she'll give you a glimpse into her Trello board that shows how she moves from task to task, and even so far as how to decide if these tasks are ones that you should, and could, take on.

And make sure to snag her automated Trello boar that shows you how to be the most productive you can and get all of the tasks on your to-do list done each and every week! Click here to check it out!

For session sixteen, you're hearing from Aegean Thompson, Freedom Business Coach for Mompreneurs. Aegean is sharing with you how raising your prices can serve you, your clients, and your purpose in bigger ways. She offers up three ways to raise your prices, while still keeping your priorities and clients at the forefront.

And make sure to take Aegean up on that free breakthrough session that she offered! Click here to access her calendar and schedule your call!


Day Eighteen: Niya Champaneria

Day Seventeen: Jaya Rose

This training will help you to tap into your zone of genius and will walk you through how to make sure that you are in true alignment with your purpose.

You'll be hearing from Jaya Rose, the Vibrant Visibility Queen. Jaya helps leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs leverage their unique zone of genius and get seen for being you!

She's sharing with you three vibrant visibility tips. And these aren't easy tips, but they are pretty simple once implemented.

And make sure to take Jaya's Spiritual Zone of Genius Archetype quiz! It will help you figure out where your zone of genius lies and how to use that to incorporate visibility into your business strategy. You can take it by clicking here.

This training comes from Niya Champaneria, the creator, CEO, and all around mompreneur guru of Niya is a powerhouse in the online space and today's training is extremely powerful!

In her video Niya will share with you how to focus and will be sharing her best tips for streamlining your business. And trust me when I say this, it's soooooo not what you expect!

And make sure to take Niya up on her FREE five-day training, The Focus Factor One Method. You can get started by clicking here.


Day Twenty: Holly Diederich

Day Nineteen: Anna Frandsen

Have you ever felt like the engagement in your Facebook group is really, friggin' hard to deal with? And let's be honest, if this is a problem for you, that's a GOOD thing! Celebrate that! It means your Facebook group is growing and an engaged group is a phenomenal problem to have.

But sometimes even the thought of "keeping up" with a large community means you subconsciously resist the actions that would really blow up your following.

That's why Anna Frandsen of The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur is here! Today she's going to dispel the myth that you have to spend all day online to stay engaged with your audience.

She'll be taking you behind the scenes to show you *exactly* how she keeps up with an ultra-engaged Facebook group without the overwhelm.

And make sure to join her Facebook group, The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur!

Holly Diederich, Business Success Stylist, is sharing with you how to stand out online by leveraging the power of your own voice. Holly built her business with little to no tech, and made her first $10,000 in the first 5 weeks of her business. All through showing up 100% authentically in the online space. Pretty amazing, huh?

She'll be walking you through some questions and will challenge you to really think about the foundation of your business and what that means.

And make sure to snag Holly's juicy 10K Formula PDF where she'll show you the five steps she took to bring in her first $10,000 in 5 weeks by clicking here.


Day Twenty-Two: Nadia Khalil

Day Twenty-One: Ally Bauer


Ally Bauer, of Ally B Designs, a design studio that serves wedding professionals and heart-centered creatives, is sharing with you today how to make sure that you are at the center of your brand. After all, so many of us have personal brands, if us, our personalities, and our styles are not at the heart of businesses then what's the point?!

Ally's training hits on some major points when it comes to developing our brands, and her presentation is beautifully on-brand for her own business!

In Ally's training she invited you to download her workbook, 2 Steps to Discover the Heart of Your Brand. You can do that by clicking here.

In session twenty two's training, you'll be hearing from Nadia Khalil of Nadia is a business coach for early-stage momprenuers to help them create a business that they actually love, while bringing in income they can actually live off of.

Nadia will be walking you through some ways that she uses hashtags in her own business, and ways that she helps her clients use hashtags to reach and impact their own clients.

You're also going to want to snag Nadia's super helpful guide, Hashtags Do's and Dont's Guide to learn how to optimize your hashtags and how to connect with your ideal clients. Click here to download your guide.


Day Twenty-Four: Jena Liat

Day Twenty-Three: Lara Wellman

In this training, you are hearing from Lara Wellman, Business Coach for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Lara helps them to get clarity so that they can find the success that they want in their business and in their life.

Lara is going to be sharing one of her favorite strategies for your business, goal setting! She wants to help you gain clarity on setting the right goals. Why are you setting these goals? What are you trying to do by accomplishing these goals?

Join Lara in her Facebook community to learn more from her. You can join the Biz Studio Community by clicking here.

Jena Liat, Pinterest Strategist, is sharing with you her absolute favorite tip to get your account set up for search engine optimization (SEO) through keywords on Pinterest. It's so simple, yet such a GREAT training that Jena is providing today! Pinterest is being hailed as the "new Google" by social media marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Chalene Johnson.

Optimizing Pinterest can contribute to some serious growth in your business!

Also, make sure to join Jena's 5-Day Pinterest Challenge to learn how to leverage Pinterest in your business! Click here to join.


Day Twenty-Six: Jaclyn Mellone

Day Twenty-Five: Tatiana Amico

Session twenty five's training is from Certified Health Coach and Beachbody Coach Tatiana Amico.

Tatiana's strategy that she's sharing today involves laser focus, having a clear cut vision, and not letting anything (or anyone) get in the way of that vision. And couldn't we all use a little bit more of that?

If you want to learn more from Tatiana on a daily basis, join her Facebook group, The Healthy Happy Empowered Woman, by clicking here.


In  this training, you're hearing from Marketing and Mindset Mentor, Jaclyn Mellone. Jaclyn helps entrepreneurs who have personal brands to become the go-to person in their industry.

Jaclyn is sharing her favorite tips to get referrals so that your clients are coming to you, rather than you proving yourself and your expertise to them. Sounds amazing, right?!

And make sure to take Jaclyn up on her offer of a FREE brand assessment! There are only 10 slots available, so make sure snag one of these assessments! Simply email Jaclyn at to get one for yourself!


Day Twenty-Eight: Alison McCauley

Day Twenty Seven:-Jennifer Berkey

In this training, you're hearing from Jennifer Berkey, network marketing professional. Jennifer's partnership with her network marketing company has truly taken off over the past four months and it's been PHENOMENAL to watch her.

Today she is sharing with us how she authentically build her network marketing business, on Facebook, in four months. And these concepts aren't just for network marketers, these concepts apply to ALL entrepreneurs in the online space.

In session twenty eight, you're hearing from Alison McAuley, creator of A New Kind of Happy. Alison will help you grow your social media so you can attract your ideal clients to take the hustle out of your business.

Alison will be sharing with you how to grow your Instagram engagement, and with Instagram's new algorithm changes, engagement is imperative to get more eyes on your content, organically.

To download Alison's #GirlBoss hashtags, click here, and bring your Instagram account to the next level!


Day Thirty: Allison Hardy

Day Twenty-Nine: Shawna Beckman

In session twenty nine, you are hearing from Shawna Beckmann, unconventional sales coach who helps create entrepreneurs from selling a little, to selling a lot, and finding those clients who are willing and wanting to buy their products.

She'll be flipping the standard business coaching advice of "niching down" on its head, and what to do instead. This is some juicy content, Mama!

To connect with Shawna more, head to or

Welcome to the very last day of The Momprenuer Strategy Summit! Today I'm back, giving you the last super strategic tip of this Summit.
Today I'll be sharing with you the absolute best way to leverage a single Facebook Live and to create an engagement firestorm. Combine Facebook Live with engagement and your content will get seen over and over again, for days upon days!

To download The Ultimate Facebook Live Checklist that walk you through every single thing you should do before, during, and after a Facebook Live broadcast to get the most out of your efforts and get more eyes on your content, click here!


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