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But wait....there's more! There's something else you might want!

I know for so many of us (myself included) when we start to strategize, tweak, and test more questions come up.  And then we second guess ourselves.  And then we're confused and we get stuck in a cycle of second-guessing, doubt, and then non-action.

next week we are going to be making some big changes when it comes to your email sales funnels and you might need some more support!

So I want to offer up a group coaching call so you can ask me questions directly, get more 1:1 support from our amazing community, AND get some more customized tips and strategies just for you and your email sales funnels.

sounds awesome, am i right?!

I'm hosting a 90-minute group coaching call on Friday, December 15 at 2:30 ET.  And I'd love to support you more, give you some actionable to-do items specific to your business, your industry, and your ideal clients.  And I want to make you special offer, only for go-getters, which I believe you are if you've read this far!  

For the next 15 minutes you can snag a spot in this 90-minute group coaching call for only $27.  Yep, $27 for 90 minutes of face time with me and the women in our challenge to give you some some serious action-items to move you and your business forward.  

So, are you joining us?

only 50 spots are available and these will go quick!