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Step into the role of an influencer and create (or resurrect) a Facebook group that is filled with absolutely heart-centered and ideal clients. learn how to monetize your facebook group like crazy through developing a "know, like, and trust" relationship with your group members and never feel like you're selling ever again.

Sounds like a dream, am I right?!

deep down do you know that you are put on this earth to be a force of good and to impact (dare I say) millions?!

  • You want to create a thriving sense of community around your brand.

  • You want to be approachable, yet super successful.

  • You want to share your story authentically and be a role model.

  • You want to be an influencer and be a force of massive good in the world.

  • You want to create impact on others, and at home.

You are absolutely capable of using a Facebook group to be a catalyst to grow your brand authentically.

But I hear so many female entrepreneurs say that no one talks in their group, or no one posts, or that their group is dead, or that maybe they're not meant to have a Facebook group, that it's a bad marketing strategy.

And the truth?  They're dead wrong.

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Creating a thriving Facebook group is absolutely possible.

here's the thing: you have big plan for your facebook group, you know you want to create an amazing community filled with women who want to help, support, and encourage one another.  but you feel like you're talking to crickets every single day.

You just need some tried and true strategy behind your group and how you lead it.  Because influencers are leaders, not wallflowers.  And you, my friend, are an influencer.


Understand how to get your group members talking through content that is specifically tailored to them.


Implement strategy to leverage Facebook's algorithm to get your group more visible and become the go-to expert in your field.

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Create a culture around heart-centered sales, so that you'll never feel like you're actually selling ever again.

it's not a matter of if you should have a facebook group, it's a matter of streamlining your content, stepping into the role of an influencer, and serving in big, crazy ways and bringing your group members along for the journey.

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You have a vision for your life and your business:

  • You feel like you’re on the verge of a massive break through and need to have strategies that actually work

  • The vision you have for your business is incredible and you can see the ripple effect it can make

  • You want to serve others in BIG ways and be known as a force for good

  • You want to connect on a deep, meaningful way with others and encourage, uplift, and motivate

creating a space and a strategy for making that vision a reality is absolutely necessary.

The term "influencer" might resonate with you, it may not.  What it does do is describe you.  You are an influence in your home, your business, to your community, your family, your friends, your colleagues.  People in your circle listen to you because they know you are kind, compassionate, motivated, and successful.  Maybe you just don't see it like that.  

But regardless, you have amazing influence.  Why not create a Facebook group to take that influence and use it for massive good and impact? 

What if you could make that impact that you've always wanted to make in a streamlined way that is heart-centered?

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Your Facebook can (and will) create massive momentum in your business.

there is no better time to set you and your business up for success with a Facebook group.

So why Facebook groups?

  • A Facebook group is a place where like-minded (ie. ideal clients) can gather for support, camaraderie, accountability, networking, and education. And YOU can facilitate all of that goodness.

  • Facebook's algorithm favors anything that facilitates community-building. The more engaged your group is, the more it will grow organically.

  • Your Facebook group can roll ideal clients over into your email list, where they are more likely to buy from you.

  • The more touch points your ideal clients have with you, the more likely they are to remain "lifers".

  • Facebook now has 2.2 billion users! Your ideal client IS on Facebook!

Are you a savvy business owner who wants to grow her business through the world's largest social media network?


But the idea of adding "one more thing" to your plate seems daunting.


you're already at capacity, how can you add something else to your social media marketing strategy?

Time is precious.  You want to make sure you're serving your already existing platforms and clients.

You don't want to get caught up in bright shiny object syndrome.

Is spending your effort on a Facebook group really a good idea?  Can a Facebook group truly benefit your business?

Your ideal client doesn't spend time on Facebook and doesn't want to join yet another group where she is going to be sold to over and over again.

You've tried Facebook marketing and it simply hasn't worked for you in the past.

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Welcome to the profitable way of running a Facebook group!

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imagine if:

  • You could create a Facebook group that has a true sense of community circling your brand.

  • You could become the leading expert in your field, because of the amazing support you pour into your community.

  • You had a strategy behind how you built your group organically.

  • You were able to fill your group with absolutely ideal clients who want to learn from you.

  • Your community became the go to place for your ideal client to get support.

  • You developed a strategy that didn't require you to create content every darn day.

  • You were able to grow your business (and your bank account) by serving your group members from a heart-centered place.

All of this is absolutely possible!


So wait, what exactly is From Wallflowers to Groupies?

From Wallflowers to Groupies is a self-study course that will not only help you to step into the role of an influencer, to make a bigger impact, but it's also a way to strategically monetize your Facebook group through heart-centered content and strategic action designed to get your group visible and to facilitate organic growth.

It will show you how to strategically grow your business through establishing a hearty and flourishing Facebook group to get your brand seen and heard.

You'll receive step-by-step instructions on how to set up your group for success, ways to think about the purpose of your group, and ways to intentionally grow and scale it, and quick! 

these strategies are applicable no matter how big or small your group is and no matter what niche or genre of business you are.

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"Before I started working with Allison I was boot strapping and self-teaching.  I was pulling information from all differnet places and I couldn't find direction and a clear path for my business, I was all over the place!  That was the key to enrolling and working with Allison.  The step-by-step directions she delivered gave me a place to start and gave me understanding of where I'm going and how I'm getting there.  

Allison helped me to get clarity surrounding what does my business needed, what my clients needed, and how I become successful with what I want to share and how I share it.  And that was the biggest thing that I got from our time together."  

-Wendy Rohin, Pediatric Physical Therapist


From Wallflowers to Groupies: the Ultimate Facebook Group Course

Your investment:

one payment of $597
OR two payments of $350

***special pay in full bonus: How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Group***

one payment of $597

two payments of $350

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So what exactly do you get when you enroll in From Wallflowers to Groupies?

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module #1: become a magnet for your ideal client

Part of running a successful group is setting yourself up as the go to expert in your field.  Learn how subtle tweaks and shifts can create a sense of clarity around who you serve.

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module #2: creating irresistible content

In order to create content that is irresistible to your ideal group member, you have to know what they want!  In this module you'll conduct market research that doesn't take a bunch of time or effort.

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module #3: get your group crazy visible

You can position offers to join your group in a very heart-centered way.  It doesn't have to be pushy or spammy.  Learn how to lead with your group in specific places on your Facebook Page and Facebook Profile.

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module #4: ways to grow your email list 

Your email list is your security blanket.  Learn how to take a group of ideal group members, and roll them over into your email list, and vice versa.


module #5: clarity, goals, and intentions 

Developing a culture of support and sets you up as an influencer, while making you approachable and relatable. 

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module #6: growing your group organically

Learn how the activities you do inside of your Facebook group can play to Facebook's algorithm and get your group boosted in the Suggested Groups area on Facebook. 

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module #7: setting your group up for longevity

Content creation can be exhausting so learn to create a culture of engagement so your group members do the heavy lifting for you.

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module #8: livestreaming strategically

Facebook Live can be the quickest way for your group members to learn to trust you and to know that you can help solve their pain points.  Implement some strategy into your Facebook Live broadcasts to sell authentically.


Monthly group coaching calls, hot seat coaching, and the opportunity to get LIVE feedback on your Facebook Group!

by the time we are finished you'll have the systems, the strategy,and influence to create a brand that serves in big, crazy ways, leads and sales through developing the know, like, and trust factor, and a group that grows steadily and moves your business forward.

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"In working with Allison I realized how necessary community is for me and my business.  It was so important for me to be surrounded by women who wanted to support me and be supported by me.  Through Allison's support I was able to work through ideas and theories, and gain the clarity I've been looking for in my business for months! 

I was able to get clear in what my brand is and who my brand is for.  I got a lot of insight and ideas on different ways of doing things, and through the ideas from Allison through the program, I was able to find a way of working and branding myself that feels authentic and attracts my ideal client to me."

-Julie Raich, Course Consultant


Your investment:

one payment of $597
OR two monthly payments of $350

***special pay in full bonus: How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Group***

one payment of $597

two payments of $350


Enrollment BONUSES:

101 Facebook Group Engagement Posts

10 Non-Salesy Sales Posts

30 Days of Facebook Group Content Workshop Replay

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Hi!  I’m Allison Hardy, Business Strategist for mompreneurs.  

I help women raise their businesses while they raise their families, so that they can live life by design.

I’m the creator of the Life by Design podcast, a Huffington Post contributor, was named one of Washington, DC’s most influential people under the age of 40 by Washington Life Magazine, and most importantly, wife to Teer, and mom to 5 year old Camden and 6 month old Nora.

In my 12 years of online entrepreneurship, I’ve had 5 different businesses and I can honestly say, I’ve tried it all.  Some were ridiculously successful, some were ridiculously unsuccessful. But this is why I do what I do, because I want to help you to stop riding the struggle bus and truly flourish, on your terms.

And here’s my philosophy on life and business: there is absolutely no point in waiting around for your “success” or for you to “make it”.  Life is short, you only get one chance, so why not live it large and create a lasting impact?

If you know that deep down inside you’re meant for more, then go after that calling and live life to the fullest.  

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"I started working with Allison because I knew I wanted to start to grow my business.  And Allison was just so focused on all of the pieces of my business that I didn't really even know existed.  While working with Allison I got my first premium client, I started my Facebook group, I built out my first email funnel, Iv'e more than doubled my email list, and I started my Facebook group.

And I know that from working with her that 6-figures is possible.  That this business is possible, it's sustainable, it's viable, it's worth doing. And I have a new sense of confidence around what I'm doing and what I'm sharing with my audience.

-Erin Newman, Spiritual Business Coach and Authentic Marketing Mentor


Are you trying to decide if From Wallflowers to Groupies is for you?

let's work through your decision! this course is for you if:

  • You want to start a Facebook group (or want to resurrect an existing Facebook group) and you want to scale and grow your business through it.

  • You want to create a strategy that revolved around serving women in your group through a clear sense of community.

  • You want to step into the role of an influencer and create an impact for generations and leave a legacy.

  • You are heart-centered, want to learn how to sell without being salesy, and want to facilitate true, genuine, connection.


From Wallflowers to Groupies: the Ultimate Facebook Group Course

Your investment:

one payment of $597
OR two payments of $350

***special pay in full bonus: How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Group***

one payment of $597

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two payments of $350


I get the privilege of working with amazing heart-centered entrepreneurs:

christian scott, heatlh coach and personal trainer

suzanne taylor, holistic life coach

tiffany deluisi, the diet break-up mentor

karin tan, soul coach


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Why do I need this course?

If you have a Facebook group (or want to start one) that you want to use to grow your business, without throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks, it's for you.  This course will show you how to create a sense of community around your brand, and will show you how to pitch your services, once that community is established, in a way that doesn't feel like sales.

Q2: do I need a facebook group to grow my business?

No, not at all, actually.  But (and this is a HUGE but) for so many female heart-centered entrepreneurs we crave a deeper connection that can be sometimes hard to find outside of Facebook groups in the online space.  If your want to create community and connection in your business, a Facebook group is something you could consider to grow and scale your brand.

Q3: I'm already burning the candle at both ends, how will adding something else to my to do list everyday benefit me?

I don't believe in doing things in our businesses without a plan.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  From Wallflowers to Groupies will give you the strategy to grow your group on your terms, but in a way that actually works.  And with the 30 day content calendar that you'll receive upon enrollment, you'll already have the first month's worth of content scheduled and ready to go!

Q4: I'm pretty sure my ideal client isn't on facebook, I don't think this course is for me.

I'm going to give it to you straight here: you think your ideal client isn't on Facebook probably because you're not finding them where they hang out.  There are 2.2 BILLION people on Facebook, odds are your ideal client is there, you just need to become the go-to expert that they need in their life, and the best way to do that?  A Facebook group.

Q5: What happens after I enroll?

Upon enrollment you'll create a login through Kajabi.  This is where you will find all of our course materials.  From there you'll receive a welcome email in your inbox with all of your enrollment information and any bonuses you might have received.  And then you'll have access to the ENTIRE course!  You can complete the course as quickly or as slowly as you want.


Ready to enroll?  Let's do this!

Your investment:

one payment of $597
OR two payments of $350

***special pay in full bonus: How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Group***

one payment of $597

two payments of $350



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