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Do you feel like creating content for your Facebook group is just “one more thing” to add to your already too long to-do list?
Do you need a systemized, simplified way to create content that helps you achieve your goals every month?
Do you feel like you create amazing, purposeful content and then post it and no one in your group seems to care?

If this is how you feel, then I want to introduce you to…

The 30 Days of Content for Your Facebook Group Workshop!

Through this 45ish-minute LIVE workshop on January 14 at 9:00 am ET you’ll learn how to:

  • Create content that play’s to Facebook’s algorithm to facilitate massive organic growth.

  • Build your email list on automate by genuinely sharing your freebies and solving your group member’s problems through your lead magnets.

  • Develop the “know, like, and trust factor” so strong, that it makes it a no-brainer for your group members to buy from you when you pitch them your products and/or services.

If you cannot attend live no worries! I’ve always got you covered, Mama!

Anyone who registers for this workshop will receive an opportunity to submit questions ahead of time that will be answered live and will receive a recording of the workshop, along with a workbook for you to implement the strategies taught and discussed.

Through this workshop you’ll create content that matters to your ideal client, creates gets engagement, and sets you up as the go-to expert in your field.

Here’s the thing about content inside of Facebook groups:

The content you create for your Facebook group isn’t the same as what you share on your Facebook Page or Profile, or even on Instagram. The content you share in your Facebook group has to shared in a way that mattes to your group members deeply. And that’s what this workshop will help you to work through.

By the end of our 45ish-minutes together you can expect to have a clear plan on how to create content that matters to your group members, gets engagement, and sets you up as the authority in the room (which only makes you look more like the boss that you already are).

Are you ready to create 30 days of content for your Facebook group?

Then get yourself enrolled! (Hurry! there are only 100 spots available)