Do you want to make conversions easy and create an engagement firestorm?

If so, you absolutely, 100% need to be leveraging the power of Facebook Live!  Facebook Live not only plays to Facebook's algorithm, but it's the single-most effective way to gain the "know, like, and trust" factor with your clients.  It's a no-frills approach to social marketing that allows you to connect with your audience deeper than a Facebook Ad or a single post.  Facebook Live allows your audience to get to know you, and pretty darn quick.

Are you truly leveraging the power of Facebook Live?

I remember the first time I did a Facebook Live... hands were shaking stomach was turning voice was trembling
...I stumbled over my words
...I said the wrong things at the wrong time
...I was nauseous the rest of the day because I got myself so worked up

Does this sound familiar?  

If so, you're in the right place.

I'm Allison Hardy and I'm a business strategist for mompreneurs.  I help mompreneurs raise their businesses while raising their babies, so that they can build a business on their terms.  I've successfully raise three online businesses in ten years and I'm obsessed with helping women to do the same.  I'm a Huffington Post contributor and have been featured in YFS Magazine, was named one of Washington, DC's most influential professionals under 40 by Washington Life Magazine, creator of the Life by Design podcast, and am wife to Teer and mom to threenager, Camden.  

My first Facebook Live broadcast wasn't a "success" (far from it!), but after I saw the stats on that broadcast I realized the potential in Facebook Live!  I was totally 100% hooked.  In a matter of 3 minutes from finishing my very first Facebook Live broadcast, I had over 800 views.  800 views!  I knew then and there that Facebook Live would be a game changer for me and my business.

I was on a mission.

I made myself an industry leader in Facebook Live.  I learned everything I could possibly learn about Facebook Live.  I tested and tweaked different formats, I pitched at different times in my broadcasts, I even tested out different software and hosts to see if any of them got me better results.

And then, I introduced strategy. 

I got super strategic in how I presented Facebook Live broadcasts.  I tested different formats, I pitched, I didn't pitch, I offered value, I tried different platforms and technology, and finally in early 2017 I hit the jackpot.

I hacked Facebook's algorithm.

I figured out how to present a Facebook Live broadcast in a certain format, doing a certain key "habits" that Facebook likes that speak to their algorithm, and with these tools I started to see immediate growth in multiple areas of my business.

  • I added 200 people to my Facebook group in one week.
  • I also added 150 new subscribers to my email list in one week.
  • I made $1,000 in four hours through a single Facebook Live broadcast and completely filled my Mastermind program.
  • I hit my first $10,000 month through pitching on Facebook Live.
  • I had a Facebook Live replay stay at the top of a Facebook group's (not my own) feed for an entire week because it kept getting engagement.

Are you ready to do the same?

Mama, do you want to leverage the power of Facebook Live and convert raving fans into loyal clients easily?

Imagine if you could:

  • Never run out of ideas for Facebook Live broadcasts.
  • Help your ideal client become an actual client in a matter of minutes.
  • Sell out your program in a matter of hours through one Facebook Live broadcast.
  • Be confident in pitching your services on live video.
  • Give tons of value and develop a tribe of fans who will market for you.
  • Get on sales calls with clients ready to give you their money.
  • Leverage Facebook's algorithm and use it to your advantage and get you visible.

Sounds like a dream, right?!  If so, I want to introduce you to a brand new-self study course that will change the face of how you execute, leverage, and implement Facebook Live into your marketing strategy.


I want to introduce you to The Facebook Live Intensive Self-Study! 


What's included?

Module #1: Build the "know, like, and trust factor" on your terms

  • Create genuine content that speaks directly to your ideal client.
  • Conduct market research to speak in the language that your ideal client uses and recognizes.
  • Become a content creation machine so you never run out!
  • How to develop the "know, like, and trust factor" so you're building a tribe of qualified ideal clients.
  • Staying consistent in your messaging by re-using content on different platforms.

Module #2: Finding your voice

  • Leverage your unique gifts and personality to appeal to your ideal client.
  • Find your confidence and a delivery style that feel authentic and real.  
  • Streamlining your messaging and delivering content that is in-line with your mission and your ideal client wants to hear from you.

Module #3: Format of your Facebook Live broadcasts

  • Create captivating Facebook Live broadcasts, which will create more engagement, while will help the "selling" process to seem more organic and easy.  
  • Implement a format that works for you.
  • Perfect your pitch to find a style that works for you. 

Module #4: Tweak, adjust and conquer

  • Amplify your messaging through your delivery, the content you share, and will utilize Facebook's algorithm to get you the most traffic in your Facebook Live broadcasts.
  • Optimize sharing, cross-promoting, organic reach, and engagement to get you visible.  
  • Conduct Facebook Live broadcasts according to a social media strategy plan and your goals for the month/quarter/year.

Module #5: Basic Facebook Ads

  • Dive into Power Editor basics and how to create a custom audience from your Facebook Live viewers.
  • Implement a social media strategy through changing objectives of your Ads.
  • Learn step-by-step how to create a Facebook Ad through a video tutorial.

Module #6: Self-critique

  • Dive deep to find out what you're good at, and perfect it.  
  • Implement high-level strategies to enroll clients into your programs easily and regularly.  
  • Become magnetic through refining your Facebook Live deliver and implement attraction marketing to bring your ideal client to you.  

"We all know that Facebook Live is a tool that we should be using in our business every single day and I was doing Facebook Lives but didn't feel like I was getting any traction with them.  I enrolled in the Facebook Live Intensive course to learn how to maximize my efforts with my Facebook Live broadcasts.  After going through the course I now feel so much more confident and comfortable in what to say in my Facebook Live broadcasts and how to structure them.  I've also seen a significant rise in my views!  I was getting around 1 - 5 views per Facebook Live broadcast, now I get around 5 - 20!  My Facebook has also doubled in size.  This program has given me so much confidence in how to leverage the important tool in your business to increase visibility and create genuine connection with your ideal client.  I now know that I can rock a Facebook Live broadcast!" 

- Eleanor Papp, Mindset Coach for Mums, Awesome Motherhood

"I enrolled in the Facebook Live Intensive because I wanted to grow the numbers in my Facebook group.  Throughout the run of the course I was able to feel more confident and relaxed when it came to going Live in my group.  This produced a lot more engagement and A LOT of more interaction within my community!  I also successfully ran a 5 Day Live Challenge in my group that allowed ideal clients to find my group organically.  One of my favorite parts of the program was the feedback I got from the other women in the course."

- Kelley Raetzsch, Registered Dietician, My Embraced Life

What you get:


  • Accountability, biz besties, camaraderie, and support from power-house mompreneurs, just like you via an exclusive Facebook group


  • Bonus trainings from industry leaders
  • 6 beautifully designed modules that thoroughly explain concepts and give you the opportunity to work through your ideas at your own pace


  • Tips and ideas to help you develop a presentation style and ways to be authentically you on video


Jessica Eturralde

Get Known by Interviewing Influencers
Jess went from a military wife no one had heard of to a local celebrity and influencer in 6 months by producing an award-winning local TV show using influencer outreach.  As a TV host, she has hosted at the Kentucky Derby, interviewed multiple celebrities, and was the star of Hawaii's Island Driver TV.  In her training she'll show you how to connect with influencers and create amazing live interviews that will WOW your audience and expedite your visibility.


Cristin Goss

The Techy Side of Facebook Live
Cristin is a videographer and a video marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs leverage the power of recorded and live video to increase their impact through compelling cinematography and branded visuals. She has 13 years of video production experience and is no stranger to the ins and outs of successful and captivating video marketing.  She'll be sharing her favorite tools, tips, and tricks for creating Facebook Live broadcasts that set you apart and deliver high-quality results.


"Being a dancer and a choreographer I've always been comfortable in front of the camera, so doing Facebook Lives on a regular basis wasn't that big of a deal for me.  But what the Facebook Live Intensive taught me was how to pair effective strategy with a hearty Facebook Live schedule.  Something I really liked about the course, and greatly benefitted from, was the mix of content.  For example, one module would discuss value and the next module would discuss tech.  It was a really good comprehensive introduction to what an effective Facebook Live marketing strategy should look like and entail.  The course was very digestible, especially for someone who has a lot going on, like myself."

- Jobina Bardai, Performance Artist.


Investment: $297


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