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Part of creating a Facebook group that engages and develops community is two-fold:

First: developing a STRONG relationship with your members to keep the :know, like, and trust factor” high
Second: actually getting new people in your group every single day. 

the “know, like, and trust factor” is great and everything, but how do you actually get new people in your group?!

You leverage Facebook’s algorithm to facilitae MASSIVE organic growth inside of your group!

What if I told you that I can give you a plug and play strategy to help you grow your Facebook group by AT LEAST 25% in 2 weeks?

if i have you attention, Let me introduce you to the massive facebook group growth training!

Through this 18ish minute long training and workbook you’ll learn:

  • the 4 action items that Facebook’s algorithm LOVES.

  • how to leverage the time and action you spend on your Facebook group to get it crazy visible organically.

  • the exact process for this tried and true strategy that will show you how to grow your Facebook group by 25% over 2 weeks with no paid traffic.

  • a method that will walk you through exactly what you need to do and will help you to implement a plan that works for you and your Facebook group.

This training is step by step process that my clients and I have used over and over again, and when they commit to the process, have seen a minimum of 25% growth in 2 week’s time.

this is the strategy i’ve used time and time again to grow my facebook group to almost 3,000 ideal group members.

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