Episode #96: 5 Questions to ask your coach and yourself when considering a mastermind

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Masterminds.  What the heck are they are why should you consider one for 2019?

As someone who has participated in masterminds and someone who hosts a mastermind there are some crucial things to consider when finding one for you and your business.

In this podcast episode I walk you through what a mastermind is and what are 5 questions you need to not only ask your potential coach, but also yourself.

First, what’s the difference between group coaching and a mastermind?

Generally, group coaching has a curriculum.  There is something super specific you are going to be learning and you’ll get modules, workbooks, videos, checklists, etc. about certain topics within this coach’s zone of genius.

Masterminds not only have a coach that supports you, but it is expected that as a part of the mastermind you will share your expertise and support your fellow mastermind-ers.  The relationships that you create in your mastermind are equally as important as the coaching that you get from the coach.

Second, when do you know you’re ready for a mastermind?

If you’re a more established business owner and have a fairly consistent and steady business a mastermind will be a good fit for you.  Masterminds are generally for business owners who want to move their business forward in a very specific way. Since masterminds give you more of a insider’s point of view, you’ll learn from your fellow mastermind-ers how they run their businesses, what works for them and what doesn’t work for them.  If you’re ready to be challenged and to develop deeper relationships with other business owners, a mastermind will be a good fit for you.


1. Who have you worked with in the past?  How are you currently investing in your business?

This is SO important and something that does not get asked enough.  It’s ok to ask this. And if that coach isn’t willing to tell you who they’ve worked with (1) that’s weird, and (2) I’d argue they’re not working with anyone.  You want to work with someone who is investing in their business like CRAZY. Because if they’re not investing in their business, asking you to invest in their business through this mastermind is hypocritical. #truthbomb

2. What exactly do I get as a part of enrollment?  What is expected of me, what can I expect of you as my coach?  

And make sure this is spelled out in the contract too.  The absolute last thing you want is to think you get this one thing, when in reality, you get this other thing.  Make sure that you’re getting the type of support that you deserve and need. Ask about that coach’s response time.  Ask if it’s going to be the coach responding or if it’s going to be a team member. How much direct access do you get to the coach?

3. How do you coach?

If you’re a person who needs direct, “do this, do that” coaching, make sure that your coach can provide that to you.  If you need more of “how do you feel about this?” coaching, then make sure you’re clear with your coach how you need to be coached.  Most coaches can switch up the way they coach depending on the client, but make sure that this coach can work with you in the way that you need.

4. What results have your clients had in the past?

Please note this, coaches can’t guarantee any types of results, that would be totally irresponsible. But what a coach can do is tell you how they’ve supported others who have had goals similar to you.  Remember, they are supporting you as you do the work, they don’t do the work for you. Your success is dependent on you and the actions you take. If you don’t do anything, nothing is going to change. The function of your coach is to support you in accomplishing your goal.  To talk you through the goal, the how-to’s, the mindset blocks or obstacles, and to hold you accountable.

5. I have this goal, how will you help me to accomplish it?

Get specific in what this goal is and why you need/want this goal.  What will it do for you, your business, your family, your community, and your clients? It is the coach’s job to


1. Am I willing to do the work?

Be honest with yourself here.  Your coach is going to challenge you with doing things that are “hard” or out of your comfort zone. You’re going to have to be brutally honest with yourself, do you actually want to do the hard things to accomplish your goal?  Part of entrepreneurship is doing things that may not make sense on paper and you’re going to have to do them anyways. Are you ready to be stretched in ways you never knew were possible?

2. Am I willing to commit to the process for the entire duration of the mastermind?  

Masterminds are not things you check into every once in a while, it’s important that you show up daily for your mastermind.  It needs to be built into your schedule. If you’re not actually making it a priority and giving it the time it needs, then it will be a waste of your money and your coach’s time.

3. Am I coachable?

Are you open to new ideas?  Are you willing to be challenged?  Are you open to trusting in the process?  You have to be in a place where you can truly answer these questions with a resounding YES because that’s what a mastermind is going to do.  You have to be willing to be the dumbest person in the room and become a sponge for soaking up new ideas and strategies.

4. Do you legit like your coach?

Your coach is going to CHALLENGE you.  They are going to call you out on your excuses and your crap.  You have to be willing to consider it, think about it, and adjust, and you have to be willing to learn from it.  They are going to be challenging you from a place of love because of the goals, hopes, dreams, and desires you’ve shared with them. So when they do challenge you, you have to know that it is for you own good and that they have your best interest at heart.

5. Is this uncomfortable for me?

I truly think that the secret sauce to the success that you want is getting out of your comfort zone.  The more you can get out of your comfort zone, the more it motivates you to get stuff done. I think that inside of your comfort resides mediocrity and complacency, which is fine if that’s what you want!  If you want things to stay the same, then let them stay the same, but if you want more, getting out of your comfort zone is essential.


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