Episode #135: Monetize your podcast with Stefanie Gass

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Stefanie Gass is the host and creator of The Mompreneur Mastermind Show Podcast and Podcast Pro University. Fueled by iced coffee, oversized lounge clothes, mom buns, and snuggles from her littles… she is a wife and mama on a mission. 

Stef’s call is empowering women through faith-based business and balance mentorship, to step into their potential, and claim the success and happiness they deserve. 

She believes that we can profit from our passions, live proactively instead of reactively, and design a life that fuels our soul. She believes we can actually have it all. 


  • Stefanie hit her rock bottom moment when she had to drain her 2-year old son’s savings account to pay the bills.  It was her big turning point when she realized that she was wrapped up in other people’s success and chasing money, instead of focusing on internal motivators that contribute to her happiness and success.

  • “If you’re in a dark season you’re being prepared for something incredible.”  

  • There is no such thing as overnight success, you’ve gotta get out of your mind that this is going to be ridiculously profitable immediately.  The keys to success (and quicker success) is to show up consistently and to be yourself, 100%, and unapologetically.

  • You can’t serve someone who’s not committed to investing in themselves.


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