Episode #133: Hacks to increase sales in your email funnel

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One of the biggest mysteries in the online entrepreneurial space is selling passive products.  Time and time again I hear/see mompreneurs say that they have an amazing passive product, but don’t sell it regularly because they don’t know how.

They’ve run the webinars, challenges, done the video series, written the entirely passive email sequences and the results are lackluster.  Open rates are low and click rates are non-existent.

But then there seems to be a small percentage of online entrepreneurs who lean into that passive income side of their business and it blows up like crazy.  They experience massive growth thanks to a ridiculously high converting email sales funnel that sells FOR them, on autopilot. They live the entrepreneurial dream: sell their passive products daily, while they’re sleeping, on vacation, playing with their kids, or even just taking a day off.

Their business literally runs in the background of the life they are actually living.

So what gives? 

What makes these entrepreneurs different from you?  It’s not that they have a better product or that they possess some magical ju-ju that gets them results.  It’s that they have the strategy behind a highly converting email funnel AND that they are in it for the long run.  

Email sales funnels are a long-term game.  And just because it doesn’t work on the first try doesn’t mean it’s not for you.  

Despite being a long-term game, there are some key factors that MOST successful email funnels have that help to contribute to conversions and a higher success rate.  Here are three factors to consider to increase the conversion rate of your email sales funnel.

1. Make it habit-based

People don’t like to be pitched to unless they are primed and ready for the pitch.  This is a concept I learned from sales ninja Shawna Beckmann. You can’t pitch to someone who isn’t qualified, otherwise it’s spammy, slimy, and sleezy.  Think about the terrible messages you get daily from people out of the blue pitching their products to you. You hate it, right? 

Same goes for your email sequence.

There should be something that your subscriber has to actually do within the sequence to give you permission to pitch to them, that can be automated.  One of my favorite things is to have them click on a link that delivers value, but is also a pitch. That way it’s pretty guaranteed that they’ve consumed the content on the other side of that link, which has the pitch built in.  Then that opens the doors for your pitch. The email subscriber is more qualified to be pitched to because of this action inside of your email funnel.

2. Scarcity

Let’s be totally real here.  People buy because of scarcity.  Usually an offer expires on a certain date, which encourages them to get in now, instead of later.  If there is no scarcity introduced there is no need for them to buy now. If this program is always available, then why wouldn’t your email subscribers just wait to buy?  Why buy now? 

In my email funnels I usually have a 48 hour offer that expires.  Usually the cart is only open for that 48 hour time period, just for those in the funnel.  To the general public, that program is closed. 

Another scarcity strategy I like to use is a discount for 48 hours.  This can be something like $200 off a $500 program, or something pretty significant to incentivize your email subscribers to buy. 

Now, of course, this scarcity should be REAL.  Fake scarcity is well….skeezy. And you’ll always get discovered.  Use something like Deadline Funnels to lock your email subscribers out of sales pages so they can’t access the program after the deadline.  I’ve been using Deadline Funnels for about 3 years at this point and I can’t say enough about their technology! It’s top notch. Here is my affiliate link if you want to check them out in a trial.

3. Didn’t buy?!  That’s cool! Put ‘em in a 90-day nurture sequence.

Sometimes people just need more time with you before they buy.

If they went through your entire funnel, clicked on things, opened everything, then they are interested in you and what you have to say.  It’s not that they said “no” to your offer, it’s that they said “not right now” to your offer.

They just need more time.

I’m a big fan of sending those who went through my initial pitch funnel through a 90-day nurture sequence, if they didn’t end up buying.  It just allows you to deliver them more specific information on the topic of your product, in a bit of a more controlled environment, instead of just rolling them over onto your email list.  

And something else that works really, really well in this 90-day nurture sequence is flash sales!  Just because you pitched them once on your product, doesn’t mean you can’t pitch them again!  

It could be a quick cart open 24 hour sale, or an extra bonus they’ve unlocked, or even a discount.  You want to get the people who are kicking themselves for not buying from you on the first round, an option to buy again from you.  You can do these flash sales every 30 or 45 days as another way to pitch your product again.

So there you have it!  Three email sales funnel hacks to increase your conversion rates, serve your email subscribers in a bigger and better way, and to scale the passive side of your business more efficiently and quicker through automated selling.

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