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Part of creating a Facebook group that engages and develops community is making sure that your members actually know, like, and trust you.  And the best way to do that?  Facebook Live!

facebook live can, and will, change your business, especially when you throw a little strategy behind it.

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  • the word for word script I used to make $1,000 in 4 hours through one single Facebook Live broadcast.
  • how to organize your thoughts to produce a succinct, informative, and powerful broadcast.
  • how to pitch without feeling "salesy" through solving your ideal clients' pain points.

This is the highly converting template that I've used time and time again to make sales quickly in my business!  In 2017 I scaled by business by 400% and this year I'm on track for another 400%.  The thing that has helped facilitate this type of success?  Facebook Live.  

this is the template i've used for every single, high-converting Facebook Live broadcast.

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